don’t Curl with the flat irons or other hot appliances make, just time-consuming and nerve-wracking, but also harmful for the hair. Here, you can take care of the attract magnificence in your sleep and without heat. With the following five methods you can conjure up overnight, the perfect hairstyle.

1. To with straws small ringlets

Who to very small, fine curls of straws. This may sound a little confusing, but the Röhrli are secret Beauty accessories.

The hair, moisten and place in small strands to separate. Hair spray spray it.The individual strands on a straw winding. To bind then the straws of a node. In the Morning the straw out and remove the Curls with hair spray to secure in place. 2. To Lure with braid hairstyles in uniform

With braids, you can conjure up a beautiful head of curls. There are no fixed rules, what kind of cable or how many have to be it. A single interwoven French braids for natural, small waves. With two braided pigtails you get, however, particularly uniform Curls. Only you must observe, the more you braid pigtails, the more waves are the result.

3. With hair snails voluminous

to Lure so-Called hair can snails are also overnight for a head of Curls help. For this purpose, divide the hair into two even sections. Then you rotate the strands in DOS and fix this directly lying on the head.

however, you can also make several small Minidutts. For this purpose, you divide your hair in as many games, the wrap to a small Snail shells. To Sleep overnight, wrapped, in the morning open, and with hair spray fix. Ready for the perfect hairstyle!

4. To Curls with socks soft waves

With socks? The works! There are two variants for the foot, clothing as a Lure Master can use. Cut off the toes of the socks and roll them up to a Donut. Then tie the hair into a high ponytail and pull it through the socks-and-hair pillow. Wrap then the tips of the Curls. Then pull it out through the Opening. Last step: All The down curl up – and a bun! Who does not want to cut his socks but, it can also be used as a whole piece.

Disconnect a strand of hair and moisten it with some water. If your hair Curls will not keep well, can you give a little mousse in the hair. Turn the sock, starting at the hair tips to the roots in the hair. Connect and tie the sock in a knot. Caution: Do this in the opposite roll direction.Repeat this step until all are wrapped in your hair in socks. In the Morning the socks out and remove the Curls with hair spray to secure in place. 5. With aluminum foil to super

to lure Something that every home With foil, super curls. Purpose, they can be transformed, alienated, quite simply, to curl-papers. The Rest works as usual.

Cut a ten-centimeter long and half a centimeter wide piece of aluminum foil.Roll the foil, small rolls (similar to Curlers). The hair strands of winding parts and the self-made aluminum rods.In the Morning the aluminum foil out and remove the Curls with hair spray to secure in place.