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prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided that the closure should last three weeks to come.

– to save India, to save all its citizens, you and your family, every street, every neighborhood be subject to the curfew, says the Modri.

the Government has availed itself of an old law that gives expanded powers to deal with epidemics, and the curfew is enforced strictly.

Photos from New Delhi, shows the police officers who beat residents with sticks and batons, and in the state of Telangana run the risk of citizens to be shot if they break the rules.

– Please, don’t let it go so far. The government can’t stop it all, and I may have to call in the army or give the order to shoot. Please, be at home, ” said delstatsminister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar, according to The Times.

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A man is stopped by the police in New Delhi for having violated the curfew.

Photo: Adnan Abidi / Reuters – Families will be destroyed

The next three weeks is the only water supply, electricity, health services, fire departments, grocery stores, and public administration as a priority.

All the other shops, businesses, factories, offices, markets and religious centers have to close. The construction industry must also stop all activity.

According to the health experts is a minimum of 21 days critical to break smittesyklusen. If we are not able to deal with this pandemic in the course of the next 21 days, the land will and your family be put back by 21 years. If we can manage not to get us through the next 21 days, many families will be destroyed for ever, saith the Modri.

the Announcement came on Tuesday, and gave the inhabitants a short time to prepare. It came to messages about comprehensive hamstring in grocery stores and pharmacies, despite the fact that the authorities emphasized that it was not necessary.

the Boundaries between the states are also closed. At several of them standing in the long queues of trucks to deliver goods.

Police keep guard at an intersection in Amritsar in the Punjab.

Photo: NARINDER NANU Afraid to die of starvation instead of the virus

Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan has warned manufacturers and suppliers at shoes on the crisis, and says the government is provided with access to necessary goods.

The international labour organization estimates that 90 per cent of the workforce in India engaged in so-called informal work, without pension, sick pay, while the remaining or insurance.

A drone sprays disinfectant over the Krishna Rajendra market in Bangalore.


– I feel helpless. I’m afraid that the hungry take the lives of many like us before koronaviruset, says yoghurtselgeren Mohammed Sabir of the BBC.

India’s finance according to the AP approved a krisepakke of 22 billion dollars, which among other things, to ensure supplies of rice and lentils in the three months to 800 million people.

the Authorities in some states have come with promises of financial assistance to such workers, and the government has promised to help dagsarbeidere while the country is closed.

the Problem is that many of them move from city to city looking for work. Many do not have a bank account and live on cash from day to day.

the Police handing out food in the state of Punjab in India.

Photo: NARINDER NANU / AFP Fears spread in the cities and on the countryside

the railway traffic is closed after a violent demand from migrant workers and commuters who wanted to go home after that a number of businesses closed earlier this week. Many people take themselves home on foot.

India’s jernbanenett is the world’s fourth largest, and has well over a million employees and 23 million travelers every day.

train stations in the major cities, which are usually in operation around the clock and packed full of people, is now completely deserted.

The usually crowded train stations in India are now deserted. Here from Mumbai.

Photo: Rafiq Maqbool

Many must have been desperate to get out of the cities, and the authorities fear that many of them will bring the virus to the countryside and spread it further.

In the cities is the fear that the large population density, poverty, poor hygiene and sanitation will lead to that the virus gets completely out of control.

the health Authorities have so far only registered 593 infections and 13 deaths, but preparing for that up to half of the population is infected.

It can provide between 1 and 2 million deaths in the course of the next 12 months.

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Many were desperate to get on the train out of the big cities in the weekend. Here from Mumbai on Saturday.

Photo: PRASHANT WAYDANDE / Reuters – There is a way,

Commercial airlines are ordered to stop all innenlandsflyginger. In addition, all international flights set, and the ports are closed.

With these measures in India is over 3 billion of the world’s population are asked to stay at home, shows an overview from the AFP. India make up almost half of these.

the Director of Who’s helsekriseprogram, Michael Ryan, says India now has an opportunity to put in place a comprehensive testing, monitoring and karantenetiltak.

India got rid of polio by breaking it down to landsbynivå. The problem was broken down through the entire system, from district to district, and India won. If they do the same now and get in place the necessary measures, there is a way out, he says, according to India Today.

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the Roads are empty of cars in Hyderabad.


the Police punish people who break the curfew with knebøyøvelser in Jammu. The circles on the ground shows the distance one should keep to each other.

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