At the entrance of the Seat design centre in Martorell (Spain) takes us to the Smartphone. No wonder: Here, LOOK before the unveiling at the IAA Frankfurt (12. to 22.9.) the future of the Cupra. The sport label is a brand with stand-alone models, and obtains a face of its own.

This face of the Cupra Tavascan Concept carries. It is the SUV-coupe of the Cupra? Yes and no: what is not in the article But the Tavascan is 1:1 to a “proper” car, but a Design guideline of all the Cupras. And how! Wow, he looks dashing! We had expected on the basis of previous Cupras only a Seat with power jewelry. The it is also, in the future. But similar to the Mercedes sports subsidiary AMG brauchts for a cool brand to own top-of power.

Electrically, and with all-wheel drive

in addition to the Design we will probably see the VW group’s modular technology, the study soon, in the first electric SUV from Cupra: The 4,63 meters long SUV-coupe has two electric motors with 225 kW (306 E-PS). Thus, the four-wheel drive is whizzing by 77-kWh battery in 6.4 seconds to 100 kph and 450 km (WLTP cycle) wide.

we look forward, because it’s so Groovy goes on how it starts out. If the ventilation slots across the entire width of the support apart from draught-free ventilation of the optics, you may argue. But the ambience light (the mitblinkt in Turn) make the most of it. With its own graphics for the Infotainment clearly says Cupra and the Monitor to be the Co-pilot’s turn. Instead of window Buttons in the 13-inch touch screen, we would like to have “real” buttons.

copper color remains typical

The copper-colored elements remain Cupra-typical. “Lightweight construction is important,” explains Cupra-COO Antonino Labate. “Carbon reduces the weight and thus increases the range – and the agility. Quickly all electric are cars, but we also want to stay light and agile.”

Yes, this elegantly-aggressive throw velvet cool face sitting! If so similar in two, three years ago, the first Cupra-E-SUV, we look forward all the more.

Cupra is the special Department of the Seat. With the Cupra, we want to reach new customers and sportiness and sophistication on the Seat known Mass to the next Level.

Tavascan the first Seat SUV?
He is more of a design concept, thus represents and defines our design language of the next few years.

Cupra from Sport to luxury brand?
no, Cupra is between mass and Premium. But we want to be a Premium, but a contemporary sports brand.

We are convinced that in the right direction. The success proves us right: In the first half of 2019, the Cupra has increased 70 percent and our expectations exceeded. This is particularly true in Switzerland!

carry cameras instead of exterior mirrors …
… which is why we are keeping it as a classic Element and contrast aware: monitors in the doors are particularly pretty.