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According to culture and equality get the arts community around 300 million, while the sport, the volunteers, the arts community and non-governmental organizations receive around 600 million.

– It is a very demanding time for culture, volunteerism and idrettssektoren, where both the companies, businesses, teams, associations and individuals has seen his income fully or partially disappear virtually over night, ” says culture and equality minister Abid Q. Raja.

the Scheme is intended to compensate for the loss of revenue from ticket sales and participation fees, as well as additional expenses as a result of the events needs to be cancelled or postponed due to koronaviruset.

– I am very happy that the government can present a very good compensation plan for culture, volunteering and idrettsfeltet, ” says Raja.

Seem to believe it is not nearly good enough

Rhiannon Edwards, head of the Ministry of culture and experiences, believes this is not nearly good enough.

– Only in march and april, the losses have been more than 900 million, ” she says.

Rihannon Edwards believes krisepakken to the cultural life not far enough.

Photo: Work

Edwards emphasizes that the value chain in the arts must be kept liquid so that workers have jobs to come back to. It is not going more money fear she massekonkurser.

Jobs related to the light – and sound engineering, management, booking and eventbyråer, theaters, production companies, privateteatere and music venues are among the she fears that disappear.

Can be several measures

Now think Raja that kultursektoren currently have got a good total package.

– Together with the measures we have already presented, that the government will not reclaim the grants to culture and frivillighetsformål, a targeted effort to help freelancers and self-employed persons and, moreover, that the state takes most of the bill at the permitteringer, we have in total put in place a good package to the sector, says the culture and the minister for gender equality.

Further measures can be implemented in the future, after ongoing dialogue with organizations, associations and clubs, companies and businesses.

– We are in a challenging period for the whole sector, but the government has said that we will do what we can to save jobs, and it is this scheme a good contribution to, ” says Raja.

Joyful and much-needed

Susanne Kaluza, managing director at the house of literature in Oslo, is very, very happy that kulturministeren see the great challenges koronatiltakene has been for the arts community. She emphasizes that they are concerned about smittebegrensning.

Susanne Kaluza is pleased that the government provides money to institutions.

Photo: Knut Brendhagen / NRK

Kaluza explains that many in the kultursektoren already have a vulnerable economy that is dependent on the box office. She know that several are struggling now, also the house of literature, and that permitteringer is nearby.

– Very happy that the package that was put forward comes with measures aimed at institutions experiencing large inntektsbortfall. It is gratifying and much needed because the situation is precarious, ” she says.

– When not the challenges of the ankles

Tone Østerdal, managing director of the Norwegian Konsertarrangører, believes the government should have that they are trying in a difficult situation.

– But 300 million, when the challenges to the ankles one time, ” she says and shows that Ministry has estimated losses of 900 million for the kulturnæringen.

Tone Østerdal, managing director of the Norwegian Konsertarrangører, believes the 300 million, not when challenges to the ankles.

Photo: Ellen Lorenzen

the Force says that their members alone have reported a loss of 422 million in march and april. Now they fear konkursras and permanent loss of jobs.

– Now they must understand the seriousness, and we appeal also to the other parties in Parliament to push this number significantly up, ” she concludes.

Believe packages need to be viewed in the context

Culture Abid Raja replies that this package must be viewed in the context of the packages that have already been given. He draws among other things, forward the plans for freelancers and self-employed persons, which was put forward on Monday.

– We believe that totalpakkene now will help to keep your life in kultursektoren so they survive koronasituasjonen, ” he says.

the Minister adds that this is an estimate for the loss in april, and that this may change. In addition, they will follow the situation further. He also points out that institutions such as The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, the national Theatre, The National Scene in Bergen and orchestras fall under other state schemes, and is compensated on the other show.

– Needs to inject more money into

Cultural policy spokesperson for the centre party Åslaug Sem-Jacobsen believes that it is good that there will be a compensation scheme, but that sum is not nearly enough to avoid bankruptcies.

– It is better that the world keep your head above the water than that it must be built up on the new after koronakrisen. The latter will not only be more expensive, but most likely completely impossible, she believes.

Sem-Jacobsen adds that the 600 million to sport and volunteering provides a better start.

the party’s cultural policy spokesperson also believe that this package is for the weak, and justifies it, among other things, with strict inntakskriterier. She points out that it applies to events that are scheduled with more than 50 participants, and believes it will frame many of the smaller places.

– There is simply a need to infuse more money into culture, a more powerful package that includes several. Many will not be able to survive what is happening now, she believes.

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