thousands of guests enjoyed walking through the “bookstore” area, the historical “corridor of ages”, visited the exhibition of agricultural machinery in the circus tent. And wove Kupala wreaths, watched the show of new collections of clothing from flax Belarusian producers. Holiday national costume (one of the main themes of the festival) was introduced to the traditions of different regions.

a Very popular platform became the City of the masters. The exhibition-fair “Alexandriysk fair” craftsmen from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia presented a wood carving, weaving, Shapovalova, solomo and basket weaving, pottery, smithing. By the way, Russians and Ukrainians without any problems crossing the border because their details were handed over to border services. And immediately on arrival got a free test COVID-19.

Master Woodcarver Simon Belenko from Omsk to Alexandria for the first time and impressed. Recognized, the house has stayed on, we wanted some movement and interaction, so to come to Belarus agreed immediately. Was looking forward to the trip and the master of the Tver region.

Our region is famous for turning production than we want to surprise guests, – said the Director of the factory “Tver Souvenirs” Olga Solovieva. – Also brought the creation of Torzhok of gold, who themselves are unable to get to the festival. When will be able to allocate a minute, happy to look in to other masters. I am most interested in pottery and folk costumes.

just asked on a trip with experienced masters, their apprentice, 14-year-old Yaroslav:

‘ I wanted to come to Alexandria to see the Belarusian President. I just hope I succeed.

the expectations of the boy were justified. Saw it and other guests of the show “My Alexandria,” which became one of the brightest events of the festival. On one stage was made by Anatoly Yarmolenko, Inna Afanasieva, vocal group “clear voice”, Nicholas Hnatiuk Iryna Bilyk.

– I am happy to speak to you, touching addressed to the audience by the singer Denis Maidan. It is an honor to be on the Mogilev land, the home of my father. My mother from Ukraine, I was born in Russia. Thank you, Alexander Grigoryevich, for this holiday that connects hearts and destinies.

Closer to the final came on the scene, Stas Mikhailov. For many, his participation in the concert was a pleasant surprise. The artist stated that the festival “Alexandria gathers friends” lives up to its name and unites the peoples of the three countries:

– Hospitable Belarus, thank you for not forgetting the Russian artists making such beauty.

Igor Petrishenko, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus:

– Kupala night Festival has become a cultural brand of our country, and we are proud of them. At the festival in Alexandria, our artisans demonstrate many national traditions. Et�� skills have been handed down from grandfathers and great grandfathers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. It’s nice that young people gathered. Here it absorbs the traditions and rituals that characterize our national culture, our spiritual wealth.