Sidney Hoffmann is back on TV. Starting Monday, the new show “Sidney’s world” starts on DMAX. In the first episode there is real Stress.

Sidney Hoffmann is back on TV! As of Monday, the 23. March, will broadcast the new show “Sidney’s world” on DMAX. First eight episodes are planned. In the Show there is to see Sidney as close as never before, in addition to professional challenges, there are a lot is also private.

“Sidney’s world”-Trailer of The TV-Tuner is back! Source: DMAX 0:50 Min. Share Tweet send via email by Whatsapp send

The first Episode starts with a lot of Stress and is called, appropriately, “race against time”. Sidney’s girlfriend, Lea moves in with him, and such an action is not, of course, entirely free of complications.

at the same Time, the days will continue operating into Sidney’s new location Werk79. There are two VW Polo GTI to be tuned – Sidney calls out a mechanic Battle. Those who manage to tune the Polo GTI is faster, Pedro or Schimmi?