Cubs-the foundlings orphanage in Irkutsk desired mixture, milk and semolina

Irkutsk nursery “To-9” cast cry — toed foundlings need a mixture of cow’s milk and semolina. It is three cubs, which at the end of February planted in the box to the gate of the shelter.

While toddlers tend not to bother. Employees only follow their regular diet, “Vesti-Irkutsk”. Small predators feel good. They laid down their makeshift den, where they spent most of the day asleep.

the Main task of the employees at the shelter to release the bear into the familiar surroundings, it will happen in about a year. While the cubs are creating as close to wild conditions, fed in the same clothes and with gloves, will not turn to him and do not talk with animals. However, future owners of the forest have tried to show your character.

Text: STRC “Irkutsk”