Cuba took the British ship infected with the coronavirus tourists

the ill-Fated Odyssey cruise ship MS Braemar, British travel Agency owned by Fred Olson, completed: 681 passenger ship, among which five were confirmed cases of coronavirus, and more than 40 people were present with typical disease symptoms, flew back to the UK from the international airport of the capital of Cuba.

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problems with the MS Braemar, pursued a private cruise through the Caribbean, began on 8 March. On this day the ship arrived in the Colombian port of Cartagena, where he landed one of the passengers – a citizen of the United States. It was later revealed that the woman was the first confirmed case of infection with coronavirus in the Colombian city. The next day on the ship there were patients with typical COVID-19 symptoms, which were confirmed on March 10, when the ship approached the port of Willemstad, capital of curaçao. Nevertheless, the authorities of the Island were not allowed any of the passengers to go ashore, and the MS Braemar was forced to go to the final point of their journey to Barbados. But there the ship was a failure: the ship is simply banned from entering the port. Realizing that the situation is hopeless, the captain decided to head to the port of registry of the vessel and the Bahamas. 13 Mar MS Braemar came to Nassau (the capital of the Bahamas), but here it was waited by failure. The government of the Islands was not allowed to drop off passengers, agreeing only to resupply food and fuel of the vessel.

To resolve a stalemate was forced to connect the UK government. In General, geographically much closer from MS Braemar was the port of Miami is one of the main points of the start all Caribbean cruises, odhowever, London decided to appeal for help to Cuba . It is unknown if contacted by the British with the Americans in order to drop off passengers in the U.S. and send travelers home from there, but 16 Mar MS Braemar weighed anchor and headed towards the Cuban coast.

“Given the urgency of the situation and the real risk to the life of passengers on Board, the Cuban government decided to accept the liner. In the current difficult times it is necessary to show solidarity and to strengthen cooperation between the two countries”, – explained this is a difficult but humane decision of the Cuban foreign Ministry.

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March 18, early in the morning MS Braemar docked in the cargo port of Mariel, which is located 40 kilometers West of Havana. At the international airport of the Cuban capital passengers were already waiting for 4 aircraft specially sent from England. During the day, continued procedure, delivering travelers directly to the gangway of the aircraft. Compliance with the recommendations of who were involved in the Cuban tourist buses of Transtur company. By the way, the experience needed to prevent the spread of highly infectious diseases in Cuba is very rich. Suffice it to say that in 2014, during Ebola outbreaks in Africa from hundreds sent to the help of doctors from the island, caught only one medic.

the evening of the same day the first plane with the MS Braemar passengers on Board took to the skies and headed for Heathrow airport. On the fourth Board rose, those who had confirmed disease or coronavirus were recorded characteristic symptoms. Itt the plane headed for a military airport Boskom Down West of the capital of the Kingdom.

Perhaps the most characteristic in this situation is the reaction of passengers MS Braemar, which was stuck on the ship and had more weeks to spend in the dark about their fate. In social networks, they thanked the Cubans for assistance in trouble, in spite of the fear COVID-19, and recorded a welcome video. The inhabitants of the island as one talked about the fact that help was needed and taken by the authorities risky the decision was the only correct one. It is not surprising that when the ship docked, the passengers unfurled a banner on which Spanish was written: “I love you, cube”.