Peter Gauweiler: it’s called democracy. Opinion and counter-opinion. Scandal and investigation. Old government, new government is coming.

there has always been. In the American presidential election campaign, there were secretly recorded Videos that have led to heated discussions.

you will need to the Involved questions of whether you have lost your mind. But the reactions were right: The victims are immediately resigned, and the government has announced new elections. It has something to clean up in the end.

There are still many books and plays written about it. Who knows: Maybe also has secured Netflix the rights …

in the fall elections, where the Austrians can the Soft spots. If a Short now in the office remains, the to calm the Situation.

He is successful, for example in tax policy. The government was in no bad way.

Peter Gauweiler (69) is a legendary figure of the Bavarian CSU. State Secretary in the Bavarian Ministry of the interior, Minister of state for rural development and the environment, member of the German Bundestag, Deputy. Party Chairman: The Munich, the Mentor of the Bavarian Prime Minister Franz Joseph Strauss (†73), has undergone a variety of political stations and also with European policy is concerned. As a lawyer he had a number of lucrative mandates. So he sued, among others, on several occasions, the German Bank, as well as for Qatar, the Ex-President of the German football Federation, Theo Zwanziger. From the dispute about the European policy, he resigned in 2015 from its political Offices. Gauweiler is married and the father of four children. On Thursday, he gave a lecture at the Europe Institute in Zurich on the topic of “Europe as the Switzerland of the world”.

The British were already burdened with large differences of opinion. In your chest two hearts beating.

The former Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said: “If the British are faced with the choice between the sea or continent, you must always choose the sea.” The British believe that their criticism of the EU, too little has been taken seriously.

The deepening and expansion of the EU has the powers of the Parties overwhelmed. You’d make much different.

you have opted for the exit, and you have to pull through. This is the way out of the cul-de-SAC.

Less is more. That means more skills to the bottom. Switzerland is a good example of how you can be through deregulation, cantonal distribution of powers and involvement of the communities successfully. The Brussels should be there and there’s a slice of Switzerland is cut off.

It was Churchill, in his big Europe speech on 19. September 1946 in Zurich, a sentence said, went around the world, namely, that we need a kind of United States of Europe. What is not so well known: He has also said that he considered this a United States of Europe as a means to an end, and to be for the purpose of “happy as Switzerland”.

It is the condition of the less party political, and sierens, organised referendum, the decentralization as well as the basis, the other not always impose its will on the.

Switzerland makes it quite interesting: Tilts the boat to the right, set to the left, and Vice versa. Switzerland has managed to consider the referendum as a Business-as-usual. It is so fantastic!

On any case. The new Ukrainian President, Volodimir Selenski, has talked in his inaugural speech about the diversity of cultures in his country, and his countrymen asked to take the example of Switzerland.

The Intrusive Sell does not match to Switzerland. Subtly is the better way.

I already know how I would vote on this issue as a Swiss citizen …

Exactly how the majority of the Swiss, until now, have decided.