Switzerland will make a fool of himself just in front of the whole world. Responsible for the major Bank Credit Suisse, is: you had followed your breakaway Star Banker Iqbal Khan (43), the changes to the UBS. The action took off, it ended in a scandal on the open road, and with the arrest of three detectives.

Since then, new monsters are appearing all the time and Pikanterien: the professional rift between Khan and the CEO, Tidjane Thiam (57) to alleged threats, to the private neighborhood dispute between the two, living in direct side-by-side villas in herrliberg ZH. Then a private invitation, in a lot of alcohol flows, and only the female partners in the last Moment fisticuffs prevent.

Many of the Details are unclear, what is certain is that Here is completely and utterly change the mode in Weiz of methods to come to light.

it is also certain: The Credit Suisse power in the affair of an poor event. You can’t monitor employees. And if it is, then you can definitely not get caught. If that happens, then you and explained. Credit Suisse said but for three days nothing, and then published a parched Communiqué announcing an investigation and the media has a “sensation-driven representation” of accusations.

In this disastrous crisis management, ask yourself: How does Credit Suisse, entrust hundreds of thousands of customers their money, if you one day really a Problem?

No wonder, “are employees, customers, and shareholders of the Bank unsettled”, as the NZZ writes. In the “Financial Times” is not of the “ticking time bomb” of the question.

If Credit Suisse believes that it can ride out the scandal easy, then you are completely wrong. With each passing day of silence, he breaks out a higher – long ago, it would have needed clarification of Chairman of the Board Urs Rohner (59).

Next week, he wants to deliver this at last. There are three scenarios for how the scandal will turn out:

1. The CS presents a credible reason for the Surveillance of Khan: Then we must find a new profession.

2. The Surveillance was disproportionate and CEO Thiam knew about it: Then the CS needs to search for a new CEO.

3. The truth lies in the middle: Then a few heads will roll at a lower level, and the bosses remain unmolested.

Also if we watch, fascinated, as highly decorated Banker tangling and embarrassment: Schadenfreude would be misplaced. The scandal is damaging the already beleaguered Swiss financial centre, which also offers after the downsize more than well-paid 200’000 jobs and nearly ten percent of the Swiss economy’s performance. Any further weakening is detrimental to our country in a very direct way.