This Bank Thriller will also need to digest the experts first. Died anchor Iqbal Khan (43) is spied on behalf of his employer, Credit Suisse, because it switches on at the beginning of October for UBS. He might try to lure CS-tip forces to Erzrivalin. Or far more behind it? VIEW asked Bank and reputation experts to an arrangement. A case like this is not self-experienced bankers as Ex-CS-Boss, Oswald Grübel (75) yet.

“The order comes from above”

has not Yet been clearly demonstrated that Credit Suisse put behind the order. As long as the presumption of innocence, the applicable banking expert Martin Janssen (70) says. But then the managing Director of the Ecofin-group: “what happened, says mafia methods. For me it is not conceivable that a plurality of persons give each other such a monitoring order if he is really from Credit Suisse.”

The Board of Directors must be active. “The company doesn’t hurt if you immediately are drawn the right conclusions,” says Martin Janssen. The Bank expert is confident that The decision must have hit a Single. Because, as Janssen continues, “such a practice is not a property of Credit Suisse. As someone who has lost all standards.”

“the Reputation of The industry is beat for years”

For reputation consultant Bernhard Bauhofer (57) it was a shock when he heard of the CS-shading. Even if industrial espionage or secret service practices in the financial world is actually nothing New. “Most of the time, such practices are not publicized,” says the CEO and founder of the consulting firm Sparring partner, “it is a lot of money.” The fear that with the departure of Igbal Khan complete Wealth Management Teams and also high level of customer assets will be lost, and the arch-rival UBS to change, be great and entirely justified.

However, To a great damage to the image of the Credit Suisse or the Swiss financial world Bernhard Bauhofer don’t want to believe yet.

the Reputation of The industry was eh beat already since years. “The entire financial sector – in Switzerland, all the big banks – suffers from an eroding trust and Reputation,” says reputation expert. An incident like the current seen in the Public only as a further confirmation that this industry suffers from a credibility problem. In the case of the CS should now be the responsible to justice and fully informed pulled.