no employer likes to see: If the new employee is missing in the very first week of work. But that’s exactly what UBS is happening – at the highest level.

VIEW white: The new Star bankers on Board of the UBS had to take the column on Thursday in the case of the Supervisory authority Finma. The New, the former Credit Suisse Topshot Iqbal Khan (43). He works since 1. October as Co-head of UBS wealth management.

What is in the severance deal for Khan?

connoisseurs of the financial centre is not to say that it was not uncommon for members of group management that leave a big Bank, they have to complete a kind of exit interview with Finma.

But even if it was only procedure is a Routine that wants to comment on the Finma opposite VIEW, neither the conversation with Khan nor deny. To sensitive the whole CS-scandal, in the Khan in the middle of in there is. Statements to the shading by his Ex-employer, and how that’s blown, he could, Khan, make, should he have the authority Finma said. If he did it then, was not to be.

Even more delicate it is, when it comes to incidents during his last months in the CS. There are just in this period, many of the questions are not only interested in financial supervision. One of them is practically all: How did it come to this extremely fair severance deal for Khan? A Deal such as the financial space has never seen.

Others are over a year cold

Kahn announced at the beginning of June at the CS, and may only start three months later at the biggest competitor UBS with the work.

Since the financial know the place other models for so-called Abkühlperioden. For example, in the work of Jürg Zeltner (52), who led until the end of 2017, the asset management of the UBS, so the pre-predecessor of Khan was.

His next Job he has started only in mid-2019, as CEO of the Luxembourg private banking group KBL. This means that he held about one and a half years, no Executive function in the financial industry.

risk for Rohner

The man who engineered the Deal with Khan and his departure has been accompanied by, CS-Chairman of the Board Urs Rohner (59). He has mentioned at the media conference on Tuesday in a sentence. At that time the big Bank had taken over the shading affair accountability. The operational CS-in-chief and the security chief of the Bank were placed in front of the door (LOOKING reported). The exchange of Khan to UBS, there were no new Details. Not even to the neighborhood armed with a CS-CEO, Tidjane Thiam (57) in the gold herrliberg seaside village of ZH.

But if a Top Banker is allowed to go, in defiance of all customs and Usages, then this Deal of explosive potential. What it is exactly, could be the Details of the severance deals for Rohner dangerous? The Supervisory authority Finma now knows may be the answers.