This project has explosiveness. It is also to talk to within Credit Suisse. Because CS-CEO, Tidjane Thiam (57) is at his place of residence in the Zurich gold coast-the municipality of herrliberg, the next Baukrach into the house.

the last Baukrach between Thiam and Iqbal Khan (43), Ex-CS is the top bankers and neighbor in Herrliberg, still undigested. The dispute around trees, shrubs, and construction noise at the beginning of 2019 at a private house party of Thiam – became public in September – went around the world.

Thiam-neighboring Khan, meanwhile, was working for UBS, lives continue to be in addition to the CS-Boss. Curious: Thiam soon has a Bank-neighbours from the own company, like VIEWS, searches show.

Since Monday, 23. September, it is official: Immediately behind the 10-million-Villa of Thiam which must be built. It may, hammered, dug and drilled. To this date, the municipality of herrliberg has approved the conversion and Renovation of a detached house.

Weiss Thiam, who is his new neighbor?

coincidence: It is precisely the first working day after the Public had experienced previously with the amazement of the failed shading of top bankers Khan by his old employer, CS. This grew to a big scandal (LOOK told).

If the CS-Boss of the renovation plans-and-white in the next neighborhood, is unknown. As a of VIEW shows, don’t have the time to get started on the craftsman yet. Potential is there, because the property is not nearly as pompous as Thiams Ten-room Villa.

in any case, the next CS-Baukrach threatens him. White Thiam, who is his new neighbor? He wanted the conversation to prevent further neighborhood dispute? He goes to the Hotel, if the construction noise on the ears out? Questions to the CS-Boss, who left his big Bank yesterday unanswered.

Relevant questions, because the story threatens to repeat: On a plot of land that is directly adjacent to the Thiam, will be rebuilt. The house is separated from the Villa of the CS-heads only by a lawn and a few bushes. The owner has a clear view to the rear of the property of Thiam and the lake. The house is situated slightly higher than the Villa of Thiam.

the client and owner is a high CS-employee Since the start of the 21st century. December 2018, house and land belong to the CS-squad man Peter, for example,*. This is evident from the extract from the land register, the VIEW there is.

for example, works for Thomas Gottstein (55), head of the Swiss universal Bank of the CS. He belongs to the top management of the Bank. For example, is considered to be the right Hand of Gottstein. For the CS, the 53-year-old Swiss complex financing processes, has been working for 15 years at the big Bank.

, for example, already lives in Herrliberg – he Thiams close?

The single-storey house, which has acquired in addition to Thiams Villa, will be rebuilt and renovated, as the planning application is. It is also significantly less powerful than the Villa of Khan, which is located obliquely below the plot.

Interesting: for example, lives with his family in herrliberg ZH. Also in a Prime hillside location, but close to his new property away. In about a quarter of an hour walking distance to the CS-Boss, with the car in three minutes. In the future, will be able to, for example, with Thiam by acclamation to communicate – and not just in the corridors of CS, but also over the hedge in your own garden. He is looking for Thiams close?

Baugespanne are already far

Like VIEW of, for example, would have known whether or not he is following the case of Khan, the explosive nature of his undertaking. If he has, perhaps, looking for even the conversation with his Supreme Boss and new neighbors, or to the turmoil of Thiam and Khan there still wants to move in.

However, Please recall remained until the editorial deadline unanswered, as are all other questions to the CS. The big Bank is silent.

has not Yet started, for example, with the tag. The property looks abandoned, in the Name of the previous owner is still in the letter box. However, The Baugespanne, the view, the extent of the renovation, are already removed.

*Name known to the editors