As the wayward Shading action of Credit Suisse on 22. September blew up, wanted to say the big Bank, nothing. The Credit Suisse published only in brief that it had initiated an external investigation. Otherwise, Silence.

the Significantly more talkative the Bank was, when it came to the name of the detective Agency, which had set the shading on behalf of the Bank in the Sand. On request, the CS-communication, out came willingly to the name Investigo. And on repeated Demands, it was a Memo that, in a nutshell, the Failure of the shading from the point of view of the detectives described.

Investigo asked CS to Info

However, a crucial section of the memo was missing, such as the “Tages-Anzeiger” reported. In the last section of the E-Mails Investigo wrote: “We do not expect that you will communicate the name of our company, as well as the Details of the order and to the order of exercise.” In addition, the company asked the Bank, the next steps with your vote. Especially in the area of communication.

The fact the CS but not, with potentially fatal consequences for Investigo. “The attribution was for the owner of the private detective Agency was a total shock. The company is ruined,” says Thomas Fingerhuth, the lawyer of Investigo in the “Tages-Anzeiger”.

privacy and personality rights

VIEW wanted to know from Martin Steiger (40), a lawyer and privacy expert, which options the company has. “Now the detectives could sue the big Bank,” says Steiger. It is a matter of privacy and violation of personality rights.

Steiger is a limit, however, that it could be a long and arduous path. “A small company of Gasping is much faster than a large Bank,” says he.

in Addition, it is difficult to quantify the actual damage, exactly, even if the company go bankrupt. This means that a lot of money is not get for Investigo to. If anything, a comparison with CS would make the most sense.