There was a plate washer career as a picture book: From the car dresser Arton B.* (29) rises to the acclaimed Internet entrepreneurs. The young father of a family that enjoys life to the fullest.

pictures of trips in private jets are evidence of a lavish Lifestyle. Well-known reports of a passion for exclusive sports cars and expensive watches. But recently, Arton B. exercises suddenly.

enforcements are piling up

and with good reason. “We have a couple of problems,” says even the interested party to VIEW. “Each company has a one-time payment delays. The” talking B. its turbulence is small. Only a couple of problems? VIEW a debt collection register extract, which claims more than twelve million francs, against the company of Arton B. lists!

Background: The company is based in the Canton of Thurgau has specialized in crypto-currencies. B. bringing an Investment product on the market, with the laymen of the gold-rush mood around Bitcoin and co. are to benefit.

The model: of 10’000 Swiss francs, the company sold of Arton B. its customers Mining devices, the crypto connect to currencies. The computer server mined Coins, the company buys its investors on a monthly basis at fixed prices.

offices are empty, employees have been terminated

This seems to be a massive minus business: All offices have been recently abandoned, all of the approximately ten employees dismissed Several Sufferers assert to wait to pay. One of them is Andy F.*, the former sales Manager. “I have promoted our product as a milestone. Now I feel fooled me totally.” The chief was probably “become greedy”.

For the operations around the company with Arton B. as the sole Board of Directors, the Thurgauer Prosecutor’s office is interested in the meantime. This confirmed, to have criminal proceedings initiated, but otherwise covered.

office of the public Prosecutor is suspected of:

fraud To LOOK information it comes to suspicion of fraud and money laundering. The focus, in particular, a Transfer of five million Swiss francs from a businessman who wanted to invest in the crypto business model.

“Maybe the money was used to cover open receivables and to Finance the life style of the business line,” the lawyer of the Investor. In the room is the suspicion of a pyramid scheme. “All of the funds in this large-scale investors are fully invested in Mining equipment,” fights Arton B.

Puzzling cash flows

But the Hardware can’t confirm partners at the request of a VIEW. Yves Hörler, head of the Mining Farm Elysium Swiss AG, says: “these large customers, apparently alone, 600 Mining were sold devices. Only 450 pieces – for all customers of the company together.”

That Arton B. still others, IT could have a Partner, does not believe Hörler: “We have an exclusive contract.” Due to outstanding invoices of over two million francs he has cut Arton B. in addition, last November the access.

“lying Hörler and the million claim is unfounded. The contract of the Investor is forged,” meanwhile, B. out of coaxing. The evidence he provides – this is a business secret.

Even if the water is up to his neck: Still, the young entrepreneur believes in a change for the Good. “I’m now all alone again and sell one of the hottest products of all time. I’m a working animal and not a Jetsetter!”

* names have been changed