Over 150,000 hard-pressed self-felt Sunday passed over in the historic aid package for the employees.

Now the ranks of minister for employment Peter Hummelgaard (S), however, hand out to sole traders, self-employed and freelancers.

“They need to know that we are working on solutions for them,” he said and promised, there was a concrete solution on the way to this group very soon.

Such said Peter Hummelgaard, who responded to questions from B. T.’s followers on Facebook. Here cried many self-employed up in desperation. See the full interview at the top of the article.

the Government provides with Sunday’s agreement grants to companies, so that firing and sent a few people home as possible as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus.

But the self-employed small business remains without compensation for lost revenue during the coronakrisen.

“The only thing that the agreement does not cover, is enkeltmandsvirksomhederne. This is a lønmodtagerløsning,” explains Peter Hummelgaard, and adds that the right now working hard with the new stimulus packages:

“We are now working to find solutions to sole traders, freelancers and the self-employed. For the other rules that apply to them.”

“They need to know that we are working on solutions for them. We hope to be able to present it very soon.”

one Has his own sole proprietorship, you can not get unemployment benefits until you have closed or sold his business. Therefore, the idea of many self-not their live advice right now, because the assignments are kept up with the ticking in.

“the Rules are styled after, so you can’t drive his business further, if you are on unemployment benefits,” says Peter Hummelgaard.

“But there is no doubt that we are in an extraordinary situation. All of the solutions we provide are exceptional,” he explains and mentions that the government has just decided to postpone the vat and tax for small and medium-sized enterprises.