the crew of the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” on Monday, shooting rocket-torpedo for the submarine “enemy” anti-submarine missile complex “Waterfall”. And the crew of the rocket cruiser “Marshal Ustinov” at the same doctrine has fulfilled a deep bombing.

Two warships of the Northern fleet conducted in the Barents sea, the teaching in the bilateral format, the press service of the Council. As the imaginary enemy they opposed nuclear submarine.

Before navodnicima and submariners were given the goal to discover each other and use the weapons systems. ASW for naval search and strike group, torpedo for submarines.

the Crews coped with the task. They have worked tactics in different modes and the navigation conditions tested the sonar weapons.

“RG” already told about the fee-hike, which took place in the Barents sea. It was attended by over 30 ships, submarines and support vessels.