Halle berry

Today, one of the highest paid Actresses of our time Halle berry celebrates birthday. Star, which one fans will remember for her role as the graceful cat-Woman, and others — in the way of a passionate bond girl, turns 54. The way Holly’s to a prosperous and successful life was not easy: as a child she was constantly watching scenes of domestic violence between father and mother, and later she began to suffer racist attacks from classmates. However, these obstacles only tempered her character and taught me not to give up even in the most seemingly hopeless situations. The birthday star SPLETNIK.RU decided to recall the most significant chapters of her life: school dreams Holly, her modeling experience the first cast in the movie, tangled personal life and many other things, read new material.

tough childhood: racism and domestic violence

Halle berry was born in a mixed family in Cleveland; her mother, Judith Ann white, and her father Jerome Jesse berry was African-American. Mother of the future star was a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, and his father worked in the same medical institution, and then retrained as a bus driver.
Halle berry in childhood
Holly’s Childhood is not happy and cloudless. From early childhood she had witnessed terrible family scenes: in front of the little berry’s father regularly violently beat her mother. These episodes left an imprint on the rest of my life actress — she repeatedly with pain recalled in the interview.

my sister has seen too much and suffered from all that are suffering children growing up in such families… I Have had problems with self-esteem. It happened that I chose the wrong partner. But I fled headlong, as I understand that there is a possibility of domestic violence — was telling Holly about his childhood trauma.

Holly was admitted that her mother Judith still blames himself for that for a long time put up with the cruelty of her husband and brought up children in such a toxic atmosphere. In the eyes of the berry are still a terrible picture, in which a father confronts her mother from the stairs and breaks a bottle on her head.

in 1970, when Holly was four years old, Judith was finally able to divorce her husband-a tyrant. From the moment custody of the girl and her sister completely fell on the shoulders of the mother, but the father disappeared from their lives: Barry still doesn’t know how it happened to him after leaving the family.

Judith without anyone’s help, tried to give Holly and her sister decent education and to provide them a normal childhood. However, in the Junior future star had to face another problem, which interfered with her quietOh life. Until the third grade Holly went to school in an area where there were mostly black people in the class still felt very uncomfortable. Many of his classmates looked askance at berry due to the fact that her mother Judith was white. At recess many peers berry whispered behind her back, suggesting that in fact the girl was adopted, — not to notice these conversations a little Holly just could not.

Soon Judith with the children changed district of residence and took the girls to another school. However, the relocation did not solve all problems: the school for white children Holly’s sister was the only one there, and, as a result, immediately began to be attacked by the most violent students.

due to the fact that my mom was white and dad black, we were called “biscuits “Oreo”. The children could not understand that we were just different. I think my constant desire to achieve more connected with the school for years when I was constantly trying to prove that I’m no worse than white children. I thought, “If I can defeat them all, then I’ll be as good as they,” — recalled berry about high school in one of the interviews with journalists.

In this situation, Holly had no choice except to defend their own rights and to repel aggressors. This approach soon bore fruit: berry’s got a reputation among peers, became the senior class President, editor of the school newspaper and the captain of a local team in cheerleading.

After high school, Holly decided to learn the profession of a journalist and enrolled in the largest community College in Ohio. In parallel, berry went to work as a sales assistant in a shop to more financial not to depend on mom.

Modeling and first steps in the movies

In the early 1980s, Halle berry began to try yourself in the modeling business. The beginning of a future star with beauty contests. After dozens of auditions, she got on the beauty contest “Miss teenager of America”, which eventually won.

the Next achievement in the kitty berry has become the title of “Miss Ohio”, and it soon became the “First Vice-miss USA — 1986”. Also in 1986-m the girl easily, she was cast in the prestigious competition “Miss world”. Black beauty with chiseled figure became the first African-American member in the history of the contest and eventually was awarded an honorary sixth place.

he went into the history and inspired by its success, Holly decided to leave College and dreams of becoming a famous journalist to focus on modeling career. Berry started to go to auditions, however, are constantly met with the same obstacle: she was often turned down due to small growth in 166 cm. br>
In 1989, Holly moved to new York where her chances of career development was significantly higher. First time in the city a lot of money and possibilities the berry was very tough: the girl had barely enough money for food, and several times she even had to sleep in a homeless shelter. Fortunately Holly noticed a model agents, at the proposal which she starred in television commercials, where the growth is not as important as on the podium.

after some time she also signed a lucrative contract with beauty brand Revlon, and then start more often flashed on screens and has become a really recognizable. Soon, however, Holly got tired of advertising cosmetics, and she wanted more — to try itself in cinema.
Halle berry in a Revlon ad

Trips to auditions soon yielded results: in 1989, Holly’s claim to a role in the TV series “Living dolls”. Special popularity did not use, however, gave an opportunity to the young actress not only Express themselves, but also to improve their financial situation. By the way, during filming one of the episodes of “Living dolls” actress is in a coma, after doctors diagnosed her with diabetes of the first type. Halle berry with colleagues on the series “Living dolls”

However, the disease does not put an end to the career of Holly: she learned how to control blood sugar, time to give themselves shots of insulin and to comply with the required diet. And in 1991, berry got his first role in a big movie: Holly got the role of a drug addict named Vivian in the film spike Lee’s “jungle Fever”. To play the role of berry helped communication with real addicts — diligence and achievements of the actress was genuinely amazed by the film. This opened a new Chapter in Holly’s life: her first loyal fans and a large number of proposals from eminent film Directors. Halle berry in “jungle Fever”

Star role

soon Halle berry appears in the paintings, where its partners on the ground are already known at the time of the Hollywood stars in the Comedy “boomerang” she plays with Eddie Murphy and in the action-Thriller “the Last boy scout” is removed in tandem with Bruce Willis. Eddie Murphy and Halle berry in “boomerang” Halle berry in the movie “Last boy scout”

In 1998 the achievements of the berry appear first major movie awards. For work on historical drama “Meet Dorothy Dancig” Holly gets an Emmy and a Golden globe. Interestingly, in the film, berry played the first African-American to receive the prestigious “Oscar”. In a sense, this work proved to be prophetic of the actress: already in 2002, she received the “Oscar” for best female role in the film “monster’s Ball” where he played together with Billy BoBong Thornton, Heath Ledger and other Hollywood stars. Halle berry in the film, “Meet Dorothy Denzig”

In the movie “monster’s Ball” Halle berry played the role of a waitress named Leticia, who accidentally met in a cafe with Hank (his role was played by Thornton), he has for many years proudly working in the sector of executions in a prison in Georgia. At the time of the first meeting the heroine, Holly did not even realize that Hank had once sent her husband to the electric chair, while Hank doesn’t know that the waitress is the wife of executed black criminal. Halle berry and Billy Bob Thornton in “monster’s Ball”

Even before his victory on “Oscar” Halle berry begins to appear in the sci-Fi Thriller “X-Men” for Marvel comics. The first film, which the actress worked alongside Hugh Jackman, Ian Mackellen and others, was released in 2000. the Picture became super popular and spread out into several parts (the last film starring berry was released already in 2014).

Halle berry in the movie “X-Men”

had Halle berry to visit and bond girl, the role which was played by pierce Brosnan, in the film “Die another day”. The audience especially remembered the moment in which the heroine of berry walking on the beach in an orange swimsuit, immediately paying a heightened attention 007. These frames with berry even 18 years after the premiere of the film continue to appear in the newsfeeds of the hottest bikini moments. Definitely the title of sex symbol stuck for the actress after the filming of the Thriller “the Password “Fish-sword”, where it first appeared completely naked. Halle berry in “Die another day”

the Most contradictory and at the same time high-paying job in the career of berry (the actress ‘ fee amounted to $ 12.5 million) began shooting the blockbuster in French filmmaker Pitof (real name of the Director Jean-Christophe Comar) “Catwoman”. The audience and the critics tore the picture to pieces, and the very berry received negative award “Golden raspberry”. Despite all the negativity train, many continue to remember Holly for this role.

Halle berry in “Catwoman”

In 2005 Halle berry got the role in a major television project — the picture of Darnell Martin’s “Their eyes were watching God”: for this work, the actress who played in the picture is a woman who boldly declared his homosexuality in the 1920s, was nominated for the prestigious Emmy award. Two years after that, Holly starred with Bruce Willis in “Perfect stranger” and got his own star on the Hollywood “walk of fame” in 2010, she was the 14th time made��on the list of the most beautiful celebrities in the world by People magazine.

Notable in the career of Halle berry became the role in the films “Disturbing challenge” and “Abduction,” where she was able to fully unfold as a dramatic actress. Over the past few years it has become one of the highest paid Actresses in Hollywood and also starred in the Thriller “Los Angeles fire” Daniel Craig and “John Wick 3”, where her partner was Keanu Reeves.

After a break connected with coronavirus pandemic, Holly returned to work on several projects: among them the sci-Fi series The Black Child, who has not yet received names in the Russian hire, and Thriller “bruised”, where berry will act not only as an actress but Director. Halle berry in the film Cloud Atlas Halle berry in the film “Abduction”

Historic victory on “Oscar” and its meaning

the Victory of Halle berry at the Oscars for his work on the film “monster’s Ball” deserves special attention. Then, in 2002, the actress became the first black woman to receive the award for “Best actress” for all time of existence of the award. I wonder what Holly and to this day remains the only African-American, which managed to obtain such an award at the Oscars.

on the day of the award Halle berry thought of your image to chance. On the red carpet of the awards, she appeared in a dress of saturated wine shade from Elie Saab with translucent top, embroidered flowers, adding your image sandals bronze color. This outfit still appears in the compilations the best dresses of the ceremony. Iconic this album came out, and Lebanese designer Elie Saab, which after the brilliant release of berry at the Oscars talk of the world.

Receiving the award, Halle berry said one of the most heartfelt speeches in history “Oscar”. With tears in Holly’s eyes expressed hope that her victory will change a biased attitude toward blacks in the film industry.

This is for every nameless, impersonal women of another color, which has a chance because this door is now open,

‘ said berry, retroraw his performance all the participants.

many years after his triumphal victory Holly ruefully admitted that her achievement did not help to eradicate discrimination against black actors at the Oscars.

as I sat on the prize in 2016, I came up with the idea that the moment when I received the statuette, in fact, had no knowlchil. I believe that it means something, but no.

In the same interview, Holly said that now decided to go the other way. Berry decided to try himself as a Director — so she wants to introduce as many black people in other professions related to the movie.

Three marriages, love and later motherhood

in Parallel with the development of a successful career Halle berry actively build and your personal life. Her first husband, the then aspiring actress was baseball player David justice, whom they got married in 1993. Love in this pair, as in the theory of the French writer Frederic Beigbeder, lived only three years, and then in 1996, the actress and athlete have broken up, while officially completed the divorce only a year after that. Halle berry with her first husband David justice

after a few years, Halle berry was in love again. This time her choice was musician Eric Ben, whom in 2001, they formalized the relationship. The second marriage of the actress stayed almost the same as the first one, the couple separated at the beginning of 2005.

Halle berry with her second husband Eric bene

At the same time long to be one berry was not necessary: in the same year on one of the shoots she met canadian model Gabriel Aubry. Burned in a previous relationship, Holly was in no hurry to officially marry lover and lived with him in an actual marriage. Three years later, there appeared their daughter Nala, the baby became the first child actress, which at that time was 42 years old.
Gabriel Aubry and Halle berry

In a recent interview, Halle berry admitted that she regretted so late have known the joy of motherhood (in addition to the daughter at berry there is also the son). The actress said that having children before interfered with her busy schedule:

All of these hormones made me feel amazing! I felt very feminine and sexy during both pregnancies and clearly understand its purpose. I felt my body doing exactly what it was created. In addition, I loved being pregnant! I start a little earlier, I probably would have five children. If I hadn’t been in a movie, it would be a great surrogate mother. Halle berry daughter naloy

two years after the birth of her daughter Holly and Gabriel announced their breakup. In the same year, the actress began a romantic relationship with French actor Olivier Martinez. Then Holly had planned the move to her beloved from the USA to France but faced the problem of a former lover Aubrey didn’t let go baby Nala along with her mother.

Gabriel Aubry and Halle berry Olivier Martin�� and Halle berry

the Issue of custody over the joint daughter pair was decided in court, not so long ago, it turned out that Holly brought the shocking arguments in order to take daughter to France. She said that Gabriel had an affair with someone from members of his family, and said that this fact has ruined their relationship.

in addition, berry tried to convince the court that her ex-boyfriend serious mental problems: according to the actress, Aubrey has suffered from frequent depression and repeatedly addressed this problem to the experts. The number one argument was Holly charges the canadian model of racism: Holly claimed that Gabriel refused to admit their daughter is a child of mixed race.
Halle berry daughter naloy

Then the protection of Gabriel Aubry obtained the exclusion of the large part of berry’s testimony, calling them irrelevant and insufficiently proved, and in 2012 the court dismissed the petition Holly about moving her daughter to France. Shortly after that between the former and new boyfriend Barry was a fight: Aubry and Martinez got in a fight in the mansion of Holly, after which they were both taken to the hospital. Two years after this court ordered the actress to pay Gabriel Aubrey 16 thousand dollars in child support monthly, as well as to allocate 300 thousand dollars for reimbursement of its legal fees.
Gabriel Aubry and Halle berry Halle berry daughter naloy

a lengthy court case with former lover seemed to only strengthen relationships Holly and Olivier. In 2013, they got married and in the same year was born their son, Maceo. However, two years after that berry and Martinez announced their separation. It was rumored that Holly decided to put an end to this relationship, because you are unable to come to terms with a violent temper and uncontrolled aggression of his former lover. The ex-couple managed to part friends and to peacefully resolve all issues relating to finances and custody of her son, a year after the actual breakup, the court officially divorced the couple. Halle berry and Olivier Martinez Son of Halle berry and Olivier Martinez Maceo Halle berry with the kids

After the third divorce in his personal life, Halle berry short lull. That all changed in mid-2017, when it became clear that the star had an affair with the British hip hop producer Alex Da kid, who is younger than her 16 years. A few months Holly was hiding his relationship with Alex, and then confirmed that they’re a couple, a joint publication of the photo in instagram. However, the happiness of the lovers did not last long: already in December of the same year, the pair for unknown reasons, the media broke up.

Alex Da kid and Holly berry Alex Da kid

Now the heart of the berry is again, proprietary. She recently hinted to his fans on a new lover. She has published in his instagram photo taken in bed, which you can see only her legs and feet of an unknown man.

Sunday fun

— fascinating-signed picture actress.

While fans of the Halle berry guess who became the next chosen of the actress, but they sincerely wish her happiness in a new relationship.

beauty Secrets

their 54 years Holly has managed to keep trim and shapely figure, as in his youth. Of course, the star admits that it’s not just good genes, but hard work on yourself. Actress for many years adheres to the ketogenic diet, which is based on a low-carb diet with moderate amounts of useful proteins in the diet. This scheme helps the body to reach a state of ketosis, in which he burns the fats with the formation of ketone bodies.

berry is convinced that the ketogenic diet is perfect for her diagnosis of diabetes. Holly claims that this diet is not only generally beneficial effects on the body, but also slows down the aging process.

I don’t eat pasta, anything with sugar. I love meat, chicken, beef and lots of veggies. Eat healthy fats: avocado, nuts and coconut oil. You teach your body to burn fat, he gets used to it and then is constantly in fat burning mode — that’s the secret. br>
Keto — a way of life that offers so many benefits such as weight loss (mom, that’s how we get rid of excess weight after childbirth), appetite control, more energy and improved mental focus. You will have better physical endurance, improve skin, and also will have fewer pimples, if this is your problem. Keto helps to control even a migraine! So today I urge you to say Yes to keto, give it a chance… What have you got to lose?

— calls to Ketumile berry all of their fans.

to Keep the body in good shape Holly also help regular exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas. Stars mentor once told me that they are seeing Barry for about five times a week, and each of their joint training resembles military training.

She loves to train glutes and legs. She likes to work and over the top: doing push-UPS. I don’t think there is such push-UPS, which she can’t do,

‘ said Peter.

Halle berry with a trainer

the coach of the actress said that she doesn’t really like running long distances, they prefer Holly short, which helps speed up metabolism in org��the body. At the same time, berry nourishes true passion almost all types of martial arts: Boxing, Thai Boxing and kickboxing.

Halle berry has never talked openly about any plastic surgery, resorted, or “beauty shots”. However, in one of the interviews the actress has spoken in favor of Botox injections. Star believes that women should not be blamed for such beauty treatments, because it is a personal choice. While berry considers unnecessary to resort to the “beauty shots” for very young girls.