We have opened a new section in the “news of the week” – “Living area”. It is about animals, nature, ecology and the environmental activists. The theme lately — a second wind, so respond.

That even at the ceremony of the Academy award “Oscar” winner Joaquin Phoenix — the actor who played the main role in the film “the Joker” — suddenly started talking about the cows.

“We believe that we have to artificially inseminate a cow and steal her child, no matter how it screamed in agony. Then we take her milk that was meant for the calf and add it to your food and drink,” said the Phoenix.

Then he turned to self-criticism: “all my life I was a scoundrel, an egoist. Sometimes I was cruel, I was difficult to work with and I am grateful that many of those present here have given me a second chance.”

And then — about his brother: “When I was 17, my brother river wrote a poem. It said, “Run to the rescue with love and peace.”

this Is the finals were in speech, but debate about the rights of cows kept American farmers. So, minutina Hinckley from Wisconsin, a piece about the cows from Joaquin Phoenix in General was unnecessary, and it would be better if Phoenix was immediately told about how he was a villain and selfish. While Hinckley adds that newborn calf taken from the cow just in the interests of the child, not to leave it in the manure with Salmonella and E. coli.

a Colleague Hinckley Carrie Mess adds that the cow is no attachment to the calf born, and advises not to give an animal human qualities: “Yes, they Moo, but not one of them lunged at the man, trying to win the child. It’s a grunt rather sounds like “Oh, finally, the nurse came and I can eat”. As for the milk, any farmer knows how happy the cow when she is milked.

in General, if we today on the cows in recent years, these animals become unresponsive from the environmental activists almost the main enemies of nature, or rather human. In some European countries last year decided to introduce an environmental tax on breeding cows. And because cows burp and fart, emitting methane. Methane just contributing to global warming. Plus tax — aggressive campaign against eating meat, i.e. cows should be less. For the same reasons, at the ceremony “Oscar” the menu was completely vegan.

However, behind all this are business interests of big companies, farmer associations and even individuals. It is clear that the fashion for vegetarianism supported by those who do not earn on the meat. Those who earn the meat has already been invented genetically cows that fart less and do not eat grass. There are companies that already produce artificial meat, and its price has already fallen below $ 100 per kilogram, whereas a few years ago was three times higher.

do Not miss your chance and Greta Thunberg, more precisely, those who stuck to her like parasites. The team, promotion of Greta registers its brands Skolstrikе (“School strike”) and For Future Fridays (“Friday for the future”), or simply FFF, as a reminder of the Friday, which Greta did not go to school for the sake of nature conservation. Even the name Greta Thunberg is now a brand. The cost of a bunch of brands-house insurance specialists is estimated at 3-6 billion euros. That is Greta — is a billionaire.

As with any success story, it is a seductive film. So here the BBC already produces a documentary series about Greta. In General, Greta is already a superstar and a billionaire, and she is apart from nature. This enterprise — is independent and self-sufficient path, which moves according to its laws. In any case, the British satirical publication The Daily Mash so design monologue 17-year-old Greta Thunberg: “Now I became world famous and can earn extra money. The show will be dedicated to my personal life, my new line of environmentally friendly cosmetics and my argument in Twitter. Then I get into sports, invited them to his home journalists from Hello!, will take part in a TV baking competition in “Dancing with the stars” will gain a quarter of a hundredweight, I will begin to poison the paparazzi, I will appear on the cover of OK! under the title “she Gilberg”, then you will lose weight and will publish my diet. And then I’ll lead a women’s talk show. What world? He, of course, the cover. But my current work too, doesn’t change anything, isn’t it?”

That’s for sure. Let me tell you, what about wildlife? Nature? Protect it! And who is against?..

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