The bread of his youth, it was only on weekends in the Winter. His parents baked it in the wood oven of the Zurich Oberland village of Hittnau. It contained a lot of potatoes and was durable. Butter summit didn’t know croissants king Fredy Hiestand in his Childhood on the farm. Those he met later in his Baker’s theory, had already been at noon, in a dry, tells Hiestand as he receives a GLANCE in his house in Geroldswil, ZH.

with his first bakery, as a 24-Year-old, he wanted to make better croissants and soon to be more productive than others. The now 75-Year-old tells how he brought the first croissants with real Butter and not Margarine, as then the Paris Croissants – to success. How he invested in croissants machine and him as the first bakery in Germany the mass production.

In an interview Hiestands bark of one year old Beagle Fendi, dancing around to his Lord, wants to take a seat next to him – and, above all, he has his sights set on the croissant of Fredy’s. With the bakery company “Fredy’s” based in Baden AG Hiestand has invented in 2003 again. The Patron is the young animal vitality. “I’ve decided to be 102 years old,” he says with a satisfied Laugh.

pesticide-free, grown croissants are not more expensive.

For his next project he is on fire. “For the next harvest, we grow only cereals without pesticides,” he explains. It was very time-consuming and costly, all of the suppliers. “But the croissants are hardly more expensive,” he says.

The IPO of his company, he trained at the height of its summit Empire in 1997, he now sees as a mistake. “I don’t know why I convince myself to let,” he says with Regret. He had been in the Board of Directors as the Patron desired, but influence on his life’s work, he was able to exercise.

The Management told him that it is for a CEO, am not one to go into the production halls. In 2002, he left the large-scale bakery involuntarily. He had to eat, for once, hard bread. And that was after he was hailed over the years as a pioneer.

still a “shock” of the other bakers

it was, However, Hiestand earlier with his bakery machinery and also of the invention, the precooked dough pieces as the “horrors” of the Baker. Today he shows up with the industry a little pity: “At the bakery the bakers are to die yourself to blame!”

The tradition of Beck cellar from Regensdorf, ZH, went to this summer, in bankruptcy, was, for him, a bakery that has positioned itself to little. “Such bakeries today have no reason to exist,” he says. Tell it and cuts through one of his new products. A gluten-free, airy and moist chocolate muffin, and the Fendi within the shortest time stalking. Hiestand gives the dog a bite. He anticipates a continuation of the bakery ends of the die? In view of the Expansion of big bakery player, he says: “There is a need to consolidate soon, nothing more.”

Involved in his latest projects, his third wife, Tina (54). She worked at Hiestand, when they met – and has witnessed his departure from his company from the vicinity. Today, she runs the bakery Fredy dä Beck at the train station in Schlieren. The branch also serves as a test load. “Tina knows as a First, as our products arrive at the customers,” says Fredy Hiestand.

loss of the “baby” was difficult to . Fredy’s baked goods differ from others in a less industrial production, they contain high-quality wheat germ and are apparently well. The company now has 140 employees, also supplies his former company, which merged with the Irish company IAWS in Aryzta.

Aryzta today is a tragedy, under the recent Management Takeovers all over the world, constantly in Kapitalnot. The pioneer, Baker has been able to digest the loss of his “babies” is bad.

Nevertheless, he has risen again, and is again ascended. Today’s company is growing with around five percent per year, more modest. It is important for him that his products are to taste of the customer and digestible, and he knows exactly where the raw materials come from. Sprayed plants, which pollute the water and the biodiversity, destroy, are anathema to him.

chocolate from our own plantation

The former farmer boy, working for hours in the garden, planted with seasonal vegetables. For the past four years, he operates in ivory coast, a biological aufforst project on 100 hectares of land. His latest Pride he has many photos of cocoa, Cashew, palm oil plants and Moringa trees. His goal is that the chocolate peaks in his Chocolate one day of his own cocoa trees.

Since he wants to be 100 years of age, he loses not head over to his successor. It is not see then, that one of his three children will step into his footsteps. He would like to hold on to for as long as possible at his company, says Hiestand, and quoted Nicolas Hayek (1928-2010): “A creative mind must never stop working.”