MOSCOW, may 4 – RIA Novosti. The Croatian authorities after the crisis, hoping for the arrival of tourists from neighboring countries, Total Croatia News reports.

the Croatian Adriatic is traditionally a popular vacation spot for many Slovenes, Hungarians, poles, Czechs, Germans and Austrians.

this year, given a good epidemiological picture of the country hoped that the tourist season will still take place.

To Croatia from European countries can be reached by car and is a huge travel advantage. In the second half of summer, the resorts can get tourists from Germany, because the restrictions in this country are valid only until June 14, said the head of the Croatian national tourist Board Romeo Draghici. Last year in the country rested three million Germans, and nearly 1.5 million in August and later. “If even half of them will visit our resort this year, we will save part of the tourist season,” he said.

Slovenes most often rent a cottage and pay for the site for camping. Last year they had 11 million overnight stays, explained the Director of the Slovenian office of the Croatian national tourist Board Label Bradetich.

“If the borders will be opened, Croatia will become the main destination for holidays in Hungary”, — said Ivan Herceg, Director of the Croatian national tourism Board of Hungary.

Czech tourists after a pandemic will choose to stay Austria and Slovakia and then Croatia and some other countries. said the Director of the Croatian national tourism Board in the Czech Republic, dubravko campara, Miholic. Spain, France and Italy this year – taking into account the losses from quarantine measures – there are ways for them.