you are immensely disappointed viewers of the show “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst” can not understand that the recently deceased spokesman Michael Brennicke (†69) was adopted in the show from last Wednesday with no word or appreciated.

Brennicke, who had spoken of the films since 1989, died at the end of March, quite surprisingly, was in the latest shipment of 24. To listen April in two cases.

“Not a word to Michael Brennicke, of the XY over the decades, his voice has shaped? Not a note, not a small obituary at the end of the show!”, a viewer complained on Facebook. “Sorry, but very poor style on the part of the creators.”

another writes: “I am disappointed, at least a small obituary would have been after almost three decades of duty.” Another audience complained that it was just not the fine way to honor him for a Moment. And a spectator etches: “this is shameful, this course of action.” The ZDF acted impiously, the Tenor.

A new speaker is not already found

The station is, however, on these allegations. The transmitter but known also on Facebook – that you’ve recruited a new speaker for the Format. “With the new speaker, Christian Baumann, we have found again a voice, which, in our opinion, the cases highlights a sensitive and dignified”, the creators. (wyt)