In a Monday report published by the EFK criticized both the Identitas, as well as the Federal. The Identitas act on the market as a private company limited by shares, with the appropriate entrepreneurial freedoms.

As a company, the majority belong to the Federal government, is obliged but at the same time, in its activities, the interests of the owner. It is the task of the Federal government, to control and to consistently demand.

From the point of view of the EFC the Federal government does not: in view of the “persistent shortcomings and difficulties” of the Federal government, to control the Identitas and supervision, the question as to whether the Federal government should not procure the services in the future, the Department internally or on the free market, writes the EFK.

That was planned to transfer the Identitas other services, “is not traceable”. The company provides various services on behalf of the Federal government. In particular, it operates the animal traffic database – the basis for the traceability of animals, food safety and animal diseases.

The Department of Economic Affairs (fdea) and the Federal office for agriculture (foag) in its opinion, to the fact that Public-Private Partnerships a conflict was imminent. This was also the case of Identitas.

The construct was, however, a political decision. The Federal Council had decided in 2017 to retain the majority stake, the protection of Federal interests through direct representation in the Board of Directors to ensure the services of the animal traffic database is still not tender. The Parliament will be located in the framework of the law adjustments.

Specifically, the financial control is recommended in the BLW, a comprehensive Supervisory and control concept. As mentioned earlier, you evaluated is also critical that the two government representatives sit in the Board of Directors. Such a representation of mountains conflict the risk of interest and the roles of the administration as a power purchaser and technical supervision are not compatible, you will find it.

The Federal Council has weighted the need for sector-specific Knowledge in Board higher. Against this Background, the EFC recommends that a minimum of the owner’s political control is done by an other Federal.

As an example of a goal conflict, the Public-Private Partnership, the EFC is called the subsidiary Barto, founded by Identitas 2017 – a platform for the Management of farms.

The EFK speaks of a platform for agricultural data. The farmers would be motivated, all the data you would need to provide, on Barto. This abundance of data to Wake the interest of large industry corporations, warns the EFK.

It is the question as to why the Federal government is not the administrative relief for farmers, and thus also the control over the data to keep. While the Federal government is oriented to the common good, standing for the enterprise, the profit maximization in the foreground.

For the Covenant of the construct of risk mountains in terms of supervision and control, data inventory, and use of, distortion of competition, as well as Reputation, writes the EFK. In the case of a data theft or data abuse of Federal might. The Identitas adheres to the data protection is the Central customer of the Barto promise. The report’s Considerations are purely speculative.

the Swiss Federal audit office criticized the amount of fees for certain services. In this context, it calls on the Federal offices for agriculture and for food safety and veterinary office, certain to occur, and for the safeguarding of the interests of the Federal government.

From the point of view of the foag are presented in the report, some facts are not correct or incomplete. The recommendations were, however, understandable and have already been implemented or are in implementation.

The Identitas holds in the General opinion, from the industry there were no complaints to the performance of the Identitas, or to the amount of the fees. In the operation of the animal traffic database net no tax had been paid for ten years of funds.

The Board of Directors have taken the strategic objectives of the Federal Council and will take into account in their implementation furthermore, the rights of minority shareholders are duly. The participatory model consider Identitas as a success factor.