“Children and animals always work” is one of the axioms in the TV business. In other words: Not only sex, but also cuteness bring quota. Consequently, the ” ZDF TV Garden ” opens its garden gates and green meadows this Sunday for everything that has four hooves or paws. Donkeys, dogs, Bengal kittens, guinea pigs, miniature pigs and warthogs: it doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

The “TV Garden” is more of a talk show plus an attached petting zoo than a musical event this Sunday – it was rarely talked about more at Kievel. Which is perhaps because one of the stars – Mike Singer – canceled his appearance at short notice “for personal reasons”. Instead, this time at Kiewel we learn more about dinosaurs than any preschooler ever wanted to know. “Worth knowing and a bit calmer than usual” says Kiewel about this concept. Will it work?

For Kiwi, the animal theme means one less faux pas this Sunday, because you can – unlike circus artist Lili Paul-Roncalli – ask completely uninhibitedly about the reproductive plans of animals. This time she just asks an elderly lady her age and assumes that viewer Max doesn’t wear jute bags. You can let Kievel get away with both without a shit storm.

Of course, there are also animal games and guides: which animal belongs to which master/mistress? How to build a feudal kennel? However, the fact that the editorial staff of “ZDF Fernsehgarten” apparently seriously discussed whether people with disabilities and assistance dogs could be part of the program is annoying: Were there fears that inclusion topics could endanger the ideal Sunday world of Germans?

Musical highlights, on the other hand, are rare on this Sunday. Julian Reim, Sonia Liebing, Thorsteinn Einarsson, neon light: none of them really listeners, but at best an acoustic background. The “Kelly Family” meanwhile sent the next generation: Iggi Kelly, part of the Kelly Generation Z. A “television garden” without any Kelly would be like a morning without coffee. In other words: it doesn’t work at all.

However, it is quite possible that many shelter owners will soon hate kiwis. Because, among other things, she happily announces that donkeys can be purchased for a few hundred bucks on Ebay classifieds. And presents beagle puppies in the prime age for adoption. “Even the cutest pup can grow into a big stinker,” Kiwi warns obediently as she snuggles between the beagle pups. And immediately afterwards: “I would take the light one.”

The beagle puppies eat up Kiwi’s moderation cards, there is a short-term risk that Kiewel will simply remain sitting in the puppies’ ball pool and Sunday Germany will have to watch her dog heart for the rest of the show. Luckily the director steps in and fades over to Nick Howard. But after just a few notes, the thought arises that the baby beagles might have been the better option after all. Or as a viewer begs on Twitter: “Could one of the donkeys please, please, please continue to moderate?” Maybe someone on the Lerchenberg will hear him. We are looking forward to next Sunday.

In the “Tatort” (Das Erste) a body without a head is recovered from the Spree. At VOX, Tim Mälzer and Steffen Henssler duel at the stove. In “Escape Room” (ProSieben), six people face a deadly game.

At 66, she was the oldest candidate to ever make it into the top ten on “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Shortly before the final, Lieselotte finished sixth. In an interview, Lieselotte explains why it just wasn’t enough for the final round and why she thinks that she was “out of place” for her fellow campaigners on the show.

She is an unusual support for Ukraine in the fight against Russia. Sandra Andersen Eira used to be a member of the Norwegian parliament, but today war is her everyday life. The decision for the life-threatening mission should not have cost her much thought.

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