Cristiano Ronaldo did not reveal the coronavirus

Previously, this virus was detected in three players, Juventus Daniele Abuse, Blaise Matuidi and Paulo Dibala.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn / RG media: Juventus wages will be docked Ronaldo for coronavirus

Thus, a test for the coronavirus one of the best players in the world Cristiano Ronaldo has turned negative. Now he is with the family in the homeland – the island of Madeira. He will not return to Italy until, until there will resume a national championship.

in Addition to Ronaldo, four more of the player, Juventus are currently in other countries. Talking about Themselves the real Zaragoza defender (in Germany), Miraluma the Pjanić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Douglas Costa (Brazil) and Gonzalo Iguain (in Argentina). They will be isolated for two weeks upon return to Italy.