Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo with children

Last Sunday Juventus were victorious in the round of Serie A over Sampdoria with 2:0 and was prematurely named the champion of Italy. For 35-year-old striker club Cristiano Ronaldo who distinguished themselves in this match, this achievement is another success in the career of the football player came in second place for goals scored for his career in official tournaments, beating Brazilian forward Romario, but at the same time losing the top spot of the legendary Pele (now they are separated by 32 goals).

Celebrated the triumph of Cristiano Ronaldo on the white yacht in the open sea, along with 26-year-old sweetheart Georgina Rodriguez and children, 10-fly Cristiano-Junior and three-year-old twins ava and MATEO, born to a surrogate mother, and Georgina two year old daughter Alana.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo

a Few hours ago, the athlete has published in his instagram a picture in which he poses with his beloved and children, comfortably seated on the stern of the boat. In the captions to the scenes Cristiano thanked his family and loved ones for their support:

a Family of Champions! There is nothing better than to celebrate their victories with the people you love.

Georgina is also beloved congratulated with the victory on instagram. Yesterday she posted a photo of children taken in the comfortable cabin of their yacht, and admitted that he is proud of the success and its beloved football club.

Today, we are the Champions! I don’t know what words to pick to describe your dedication that inspires victory! Best in the Universe! Continue in the same spirit, year after year. We are extremely proud Cristiano and celebrate his triumph.

Georgina Rodriguez with children

by the Way, while Cristiano spent one of the most iconic matches in his career, Georgina was just a few days, waited for him on the boat with the children. Before the match Rodriguez was wishing boyfriend good luck and admitted that they are kids truly believe in his power.

Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez with children