Pedersoli your father is the Hero of generations, even for you, as you explain in your book.
Pedersoli : Yes, for me, dad was literally a superhero. I thought as a child, really, he was invulnerable. This had to do with his huge, strong hands. On the other hand, I saw in his films, as he jumped off of roofs, infinity, and the bad men fought, he chairs and stones on the head. My father seemed to have all of this nothing else on, he just got up again and again. I thought for years, to him nothing can happen. Today I know, of course, he was vulnerable he was mortal. But even after his death, dad remains my Hero and the Hero of so many Fans.

I’ve done it in the first place for me and my father. I wanted to collect all my memories of him and you in a book pack. When I Write, I was always eager to remind me every day of something else. With the book I wanted to highlight the part of my father, the not all know. The real people behind Bud Spencer Carlo Pedersoli. Bud Spencer lives on in his films. I wanted that Carlo is alive again. It makes me happy, to show readers this side of my father.

My father was a great philosopher. He has, over the years, pensive and quiet. The time he spent in the 1950s in the Amazon, shaped his philosophy of life. Its main principles were: don’t make compromises, be loyal to accept yourself, your life with the good and the bad sides. Dad was a man of many interests, he had 1000 life. And he was also a Hero in real life.

Yes, as in the early 1950s, at a swimming competition in Naples twelve spectators into the water had fallen, saved my father from Drowning. There are many more such stories from his life.

Yes, that’s true. I slept as a child, often on Daddy’s belly. He then took my Hand and told me that he send me good energy. My dad gave me the whole life about a lot of love. But he was a Egoist. Everything had to run as he wanted it, that it was best for him. When my mother asked him about it, he said: “Mary, if everyone would first think of yourself, would it all of us better. Then we would all be better off.” You did everything for him. My father would never be able to be so successful, would not have sacrificed my mother for him and the family.

Yeah, that’s why my father has shielded me always strong, he was very protective. However, life on the shoot was a great experience. A movie set is a magical place. My father got up at five every Morning and worked until late in the evening. We are not for each other had a lot of time. But he had a break, he devoted himself entirely to us, the children, played with us in the caravan. We laughed a lot together.

of Course, many of my school friends wanted to meet my father. My brother was always a little jealous of our father, because all the people flocked to him. When he was ten years old, he struck dad, because he wanted to draw the attention of the people. Our father just laughed and reassured him. I was never jealous of him, but proud.

Yes, I’ve thought about it, but my father didn’t want. He was against it. He was always very protective and was afraid that this harsh line of work is not for me.

Yes, it had laughs, a really fatal love relationship to food (). We have always tried to put him on a diet, but it was impossible. Finally, the point that he is not to die angry, shouted: “Basta, I can before the Hunger came, respectively.” So we let him eat what he wanted. We children watched him crazy to eat, like the cinema audience watching him on the canvas. His facial expression was always very happy and cheerful.

dad loved Switzerland. He flew his plane often in your country. He liked the landscapes and the nature. But most of all he loved the Breakfast. Swiss Breakfast with cheese, bread, jams and chocolate. He thought a lot of the Swiss mentality, so he left me a Swiss school in Lausanne visit. He was giving me the best education.

I don’t know yet (laughs). I need to send him the book first – this is on my to-do list. But of course, he was one of the most important people in the life of my father. His friendship with Terence was very deep. They had not only in front of the camera, but in real life a perfect harmony.

Luca Pedersoli (57) is the oldest daughter of Carlo Pedersoli (1929-2016), made as Bud Spencer world career. She has a brother, Giuseppe (58), and a sister (47), Diamante (47). Democrats originally wanted to be an actress, but her famous father advised her. It was a film writer. Prior to his film career, Spencer was a multiple Italian swimming champion. In Parallel, he studied Law. On the side of Terence Hill (80) he turned successful stoick-movies like “Four fists for a Hallelujah” (1971), or “Two bears high-performance types” (1983). Spencer was also the inventor a name, so he invented a hunting rifle with three runs. And he wrote cook books.