foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis has advocated that humanitarian assistance reached the population of Venezuela. Humanitarian aid must have opposite political conflicts is a priority, he said today in Geneva.

if You haven’t seen in the past few weeks, that the Suffering of the Venezuelan people to change the political line of the current government, said Cassis on the sidelines of the session of the UN human rights Council in Geneva.

Switzerland is in contact with the USA, Russia and China

After the incidents from the weekend, a call to calm the situation. Switzerland have been monitoring the situation “hour by hour” and prepare for all scenarios, from the power of attitude by Nicolas Maduro, to the power of the self-President Juan Guaidó called on military Intervention from abroad, or a civil war. Switzerland was in contact with all on-site and in the neighbouring countries.

It must be prevented that the conflict is spreading to the whole Region, said Cassis. There were also discussions with influential countries such as the USA, Russia and China would take place. Switzerland is also looking for ways to in multilateral instances to exert pressure in order to prevent an escalation of the Situation.

in this political and economic crisis offered Good services, Switzerland had been asked to yet formally on any side. (SDA)

through a financial crisis, already battered, Venezuela is in a crisis of the state: Juan Guaidó, the President of the disempowered Parliament, said, after days of demonstrations against the reigning head of government of Nicolás Maduro, on may 23. January to the transitional head of state.

Maduro’s re-election in early elections last year, is controversial and many Western countries do not recognize its government, because the election was manipulated. Since his Amtstritt at the beginning of January, there were violent riots and protests in Venezuela. Since the coup attempt by Guaidó a fierce reigns fight. VIEW explained the background and key questions on the conflict. All of the current developments, there are always in the news Ticker.