Since the reformed pastor of Brig, in the office, is to split the faith community. The occasion of serious misunderstanding between him, members of the Church community and, in particular, its predecessors are.

Who thinks now, the old pastor had not been able to let go of, is thinking incorrectly. “To make the New all freedoms, gave me and my wife all of our functions,” says the retired pastor, Reinhard Freshness. His sermons were so popular that even Catholics came to his Church services. “But we wanted to continue in the Brig, in our home life. This was discussed with the parish Council so.”

That his predecessor still lives in Brig and simple member of the Church is, was the New from the beginning a thorn in the eye. It was an “unwritten law” that the old pastor was leaving his Church, said Daniel Rüegg. “Fresh has lost nothing here, he has to go.”

“Nothing is Written”

The two men of God could not be more different. On the one hand, the intellectual theologian Reinhard, Fresh, 70, eloquent, open-minded, tall. On the other hand, the former carpenter, Daniel Niklaus Rüegg, 49. Once a student of the other, rather small of stature. Does not deserve even the greeting words to his congregation in worship from the sheet reads, and as a Lutheran-Conservative, the predicate is open to the world. He refused in an interview to the observer his email address because he “wants to give nothing in writing”, and any opinion is denied.

In August 2014, Daniel Rüegg started his new job in the Brig. “We had him and his family secures our full support,” said Reinhard Fresh and his wife Liv. It soon became clear that the New brought with him, much less kindness. “It seemed as if he wanted to make everything bad and eliminate what it had to do with us. We had, for example, worked with the children and young people with an easy-to-understand youth Bible,” says Liv Fresh. “Pastor Rüegg to ban the modern Translation, and left only the Luther Bible.” In addition, he tells her to visit the children’s choir, she had managed, just.

to feel The animosity also got the long-standing wait-and-see to see some Manuela cap mountain and Marcellus pills. As an employee of the parish they did not belong in the competence of the pastor. Nevertheless, he intervened almost daily in their work, prohibition in the wait-and-see, even to stand for the senior citizens group behind the Grill. “I quit after half a year, because I make the ubiquitous control of pastor Rüegg and the constant Bad our work is no longer endured”, says Manuela cap mountain.

her husband, Marcellus pills held. André Lüthi, at the time, parish President, tried to mediate and to strengthen the wait-and-see the back. “After all, he was our employee and not that of the priest.” Nevertheless, the Whole thing ended in a fiasco.

Marcellus pills had to seek psychological care and announced. But Rüegg made the former wait-and-see in front of third parties remains poor. One year after its termination, the child was and the adult protection authority Kesb urged, therefore, to interfere. She asked the parish Council to ensure that Rüegg let the harassment under.

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All locks

replaced Soon, the congregation was hopelessly divided. “Instead of the familial atmosphere of earlier was ruled by distrust and fear,” says Manuela cap mountain. Several Sufferers report that, Rüegg was downright controlling. He had about all of the locks on the Church and the parish house replacement and to seal the door to his office eavesdropping. He should even have to Monitor the congregation members, a baby monitor in the kitchen of the parish house hidden.

Daniel Rüeggs slope to control you know also in white Lingen ZH, where he was previously the pastor. There he had divided the community. In particular, a lack of clarity about the competencies of the parish office and the Church care would have to conflict and mass resignations led, said the former Church in care of the President of the “Zürcher Oberländer”. “Be a little contemporary understanding from the rectory this is a rule, with an absolutist claim,” says a former member of the parish.

The Brigern he failed to mention the rift in white springs, which had ended with the resignation of almost the whole of the Church’s care. They discovered the newspaper article, 15 months after Rüeggs office. “We would have hired him otherwise, never,” says André Lüthi.

The taunts against the couple, Fresh, had offered to the pastor repeated support and friendship that went on. Rüegg complained even at the Synod, because Fresh and as regular Church-goers to the service.

a year after Rüeggs office, the Church Council was due to terminations incapable of action. The Synod tried to act as Conciliator. However, the new Minister boycotted all Attempts to bring the parties together. A from the Church Council desired Mediation refused in the Event of short-hand. Finally, President André Lüthi resigned from the office: “I could no longer endure the attacks of Rüegg and was terribly frustrated.”

Although the President of the Synodalrats, Robert Burri, wrote to the former pastor Fresh: “I observe that the Church is in Brig to implode.” Still, nothing happened. A of 29 members signed the letter with the request for a debate was ignored three service Supervisory actions against pastor Rüegg to the address of the newly formed parish Council and the Synodalrats, which Rüegg heard also.

police operation and Display

The Situation was getting grotesque. The New language in his sermons from his “enemies”, the “be a danger for the Church”. The couple cap mount pills was locked out of the parish Assembly, although the Marcellus shale, pills, as before, was employed. The police picked up the former President André Lüthi from his apartment and escorted him to the eviction of its effects in the office of the Church. Shortly thereafter, pastor Rüegg showed him for “libel, slander and defamation” – because this had set forth in his last annual report his view of the brig crisis. The procedure is pending.

Two years after Rüeggs office of around 20 employees, elected and volunteer members from the parish out. About a third of the Church-goers stayed away from the worship services.

Reinhard Freshness came to the Synod and to the Appeals Committee of the Evangelical reformed Church of Valais (ERKW). He also asked you to deal with the incidents. “In spite of all that is Suffered, it was and is to us in the first place to the restoration of the community”, emphasized the couple. The Reformed churches in the Canton of Valais, with a population of two to three percent in the Diaspora. “The closer we should stick together.” Although the Appeals Committee decided to allow Fresh again the access to the Church, foutiert the Church Council, until today, that’s why.

The retort of a priest Rüegg was not long in coming. He was Fresh due to duress and threat. Both offences, the Prosecutor saw as a not for given. He growled Rüegg and his entourage because of the futility of the display even more the procedure costs.

squabbling to ban

next, flapped Fresh a display for trespassing into the house. The parish Council had imposed a ban in February 2017, a formal house against them, which had ignored the two, however. The cantonal court decided to close the procedure. The ban was justified neither formally nor materially. Also the appeal of the plaintiffs against this decision was dismissed by the cantonal court. The Church exists to legally ban also no basis for the formal house.

until today, nothing has Changed. Fresh, which have participated for over two years, to any of the events of their Church, are still undesirable. “We are not only to the possibility of divine services and the religious community of our parish life, be a part of it. Even our basic democratic rights are denied to us. Even the participation in the statutory parish meetings, we were detained under the threat of police violence,” says Reinhard Freshness. In November of last year, the two have filed a criminal complaint against the President of the Church Council and pastor Rüegg. Because of interference with the right to vote.

in the Meantime also the Synod of the Reformed Church of Valais in the matter concerned. At the request of the pastor Rüegg and his colleagues in the Synod, the Church should be placed right on the head: Against 30 article in the articles of Association of the ERKW should be amended or supplemented, that they curtail the rights of the reformed Valais parishes. The autonomy of the Church communities, as well as the legally required separation of powers be undermined as a result. In the first reading, the Synod agreed to all the Changes.