on March 2, the deadline for filing amendments to the Constitution. It was postponed already twice, but no more delays are planned. On the contrary, all other procedures will be very fast, and already on March 18, the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin, sources say “MK” in the working group, will sign the relevant law. Such haste is necessary not only for the beautiful date. The hardest task will be to organize the vote and to ensure that people went to the polls.

on 22 April as the day of the vote, apparently, was chosen out of desperation. No one wanted a kind to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the leader of the world proletariat, but another option in the calendar just not there. Consideration was given not so much lent and Ramadan, as told Vladimir Putin the members of the working group, much may holidays, and traditional dislike of Russian citizens to the will. If the vote was scheduled for Monday or Tuesday and on Thursday or Friday, many were extended a weekend and to the parcels of land would not come. So had to choose between the last Wednesdays of April. But the 15th is the middle of Holy week, and the 29th the Russians are already busy buying barbecue and garden seedlings. So I had to stop on the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Anyway, his anniversary, as reported Dmitry Peskov, is not widely celebrated and is a barrier to voting can not be. The Communists do not take offense. “On this day, the country will definitely remember all of Lenin’s conquest, including the Lenin Constitution that gave unique rights to workers,” said Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov.

However, forced a choice on April 22 in the minds of the population are going to balance the more important for modern Russian history date. According to sources “MK”, the President can sign the law on amendments to the Basic law on the 18th of March, when the country will celebrate the sixth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea. (Recall that due to amendments of the armed forcesblunt just after the vote, if the majority of citizens will vote “for” the amendments.) The co-chairs of the working group as a whole has told us how can be implemented this scenario. March 10. According to the Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov, the Duma will vote for the bill on second reading. 11 of March, “if everything goes according to plan” — in the third. And in that day it will be given to the Federation Council. “We cannot exclude that the Federation Council will consider the draft law on making amendments to the Constitution at its next meeting, on 11 March,” confirms Senator Andrey Klishas. Further, in one or two days, those on March 12-13, the document must approve two-thirds of regional parliaments. In the working group believe that problems with it will not. After the first reading the bill on amendments was sent to the list by regions to gather feedback and suggestions. And some of the legislative Assembly even adopted a resolution “to support the constitutional initiatives of the President”. In the state Duma say that colleagues in the regions and worked actively on the amendments, so a lot of time discussing the outcome document they do not need “Support everywhere almost 100%”.

According to some, for the greater legitimacy of the bill before the President signs it can send to the constitutional court. (It will take another day. Given the fact that on March 14-15 is the weekend, most likely the 16th or 17th.) Individual experts and, as recently revealed, ex-Putin aide Vladislav Surkov, suggested that the COP can claim the nullification of the previous terms of the incumbent because “new powers” create “as if another institution of the presidency.” Dmitry Peskov said that this is a personal opinion of Surkov. And according to Krasheninnikov, there are no legal grounds for this. However, because of the amendments (those that made at the moment) the restriction on the reset timing does not imply, suspicion of experts, at least not groundless. At least that would explain why it took Trto agate the Constitution.

After the law on amendments will be signed by Vladimir Putin, the CEC will approve the voting procedure and to proceed with its organization. Money — 14.8 billion rubles are already in the accounts. The compressed timing of the document (in fact it’s only a week — from 10 to 17 March) would also allow more time for campaigning and mobilization of participants in the plebiscite: how a recent poll of “Levada-center”, is now 65% of citizens do not understand the essence of the amendments and to vote “for” ready 25% of respondents.

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