A group of ambulance staff complained to the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov in the absence of bonuses for working with coronavirus patients. Doctors urged to reconsider ruling on payments to include in the list of recipients of all working with patients from risk groups.

Director of the Republican center of disaster medicine Sergey Olefirenko said in comments to “Interfax” that the incentive payments in the Crimea received all whom they relied, but agreed that the current system is unfair.

Payments to health workers rely only those who worked with kovid-sick, and risk group — those who took swabs, tests and everything else… But after all, primary care is a risk, because when the medic goes out, he does not know what is coming, — said Olefirenko.

Crimeans complained about the denial of pension credits because of the Ukrainian experience

Wrote from the beginning of may, the doctors in the Crimea and other regions via video message reported delays or absence of the President promised payments. In several cases began testing SK.