Crimean authorities have developed a project to fill the Intermountain reservoir

Crimean Authorities are studying the possibility of executing mega project at Intermountain filling of the reservoir, said the head of the state Committee on water economy and melioration of the Crimea Igor Weil.

Intermountain reservoir is the largest artificial reservoir of liquid of the Crimea, located near Simferopol. The main source of filling — water of the North Crimean canal, which Ukraine blocked after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. The reservoir was built nearly ten years, until 1991.

“Now will start the development of a feasibility study on filling the Intermountain reservoir. This mega-project. And if, indeed, the feasibility study (feasibility study — approx. ed.) to confirm the feasibility and availability of this water resource in the rivers Alma, Belbek, March, then will be developed the project to a buffer reservoir, which has always saved Simferopol in the lack of water, we filled. And all kinds of fears will disappear to ensure Simferopol,” said Weill, RIA “Novosti”.

Intermountain reservoir is filled twice a year in the North-Crimean channel. “Surveys, which are now complete, and we will learn. According to the results of the feasibility study will make appropriate conclusions and will report to the leadership of the Republic on the adoption or rejection of this project,” said Weill.