In the Crimea can splurge up to 90% of entrepreneurs engaged in tourism and related industries, according to the national Union of hospitality industry. This will happen if this year will not open the holiday season on the Peninsula, as has already warned the head of the region Sergey Aksenov. But it is possible that a local resort, can only accept residents of the Crimea.At a sanatorium complex and public catering of the Crimea “has no prospects to open soon,” said the head of the region Sergey Aksenov. If the holiday season will not open this year, you can splurge almost 90% of entrepreneurs engaged in tourism and related sectors of the Peninsula, said “Kommersant” Executive Director of the national Union of hospitality industry Alexey Volkov. The head of the Committee on tourism, resorts and sports of the state Council of Crimea Alexey Chernyak said that from March to may, the region had to make 900 thousand tourists. In 2019, the Peninsula was visited of 7.43 million tourists.The losses of the budget of the region Deputy is to assess not taken. The head of the administration of Alushta Galina Ogneva said “Kommersant” that the city budget is also largely subject to the receipt of sanatorium-resort sphere. According to her, by freeing the business from paying rent for the property, the city has missed in April 23 mln All hotels and rest houses in the Russian Federation before June 1 closed for tourists according to the instructions of Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina and orders of regional authorities. Now coming to the Peninsula by the Russians, is not spelled out in the region and do not speak in the Crimea real estate, necessarily placed in Observatory where 14 days under medical supervision. Most of these facilities are located in boarding houses and sanatoriums.Meanwhile, on 7 may, Vladimir Putin said that the development of domestic tourism will be included in the national plan for business normalization of life in the country after exit of the isolation. The head of Rostourism Zarina doguzova noted that domestic tourism could become “one of the main drivers of the recovery of several dozen related industries, including transport”. She noticed that in the whole country, more than 70% of passenger traffic falls on tourist trips.”As shown by the experience of China, almost immediately after the lifting of the quarantine in the hotel market has felt the surge of tourism of the day. In the same way the situation could develop in Russia,” according to the international consulting company CBRE. Sergey Aksenov said that the authorities of the region develop a regional program of domestic tourism, but details are not disclosed. In mid-April, the Minister of resorts and tourism of Crimea Vadim Volchenko said in his Facebook account that during the year about 500 thousand inhabitants of the region (children, pensioners, and other cate��and citizens) will be sent to local motels and pensions at the expense of the budget. Then he promised that the tourist industry will provide tax breaks, preferential loans and so on.Vadim Nikiforov, Simferopol; Khalil Amine