Not only is the Ultimatum of the EU to make the Federal government in Bern, nervous, termination Initiative as well. The SVP wants to allow the free movement of persons with the lever out. Does it work, and due to the Guillotine clause in all bilateral , good is d best part of anything.

Therefore, the Federal Council is driving forward the Initiative in Parliament. However, the thickness of the air already there in front of the deliberations: The President of the Council, Marina Carobbio (SP and Jean-René Fournier (CVP) have been assigned to the business first, the national Council of less state debate mining as the Council of States. as the office of the national Council of the Initiative of the state political Commission. The foreign policy Commission (APK), the core theme of the Bilateral are, peeped into the tube.Suspicion 1: the office of President of Carobbio of the SP ha as its Vice-Heinz Brand of the SVP is of no interest to treat the Initiative in a timely manner and in Brussels, good weather for the framework contract. Similarly, five other SP and SVP-members of the 14-member Board. Suspicion 2: the Four office-members of the political Commission.

Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter repeated for a counter-attack from The CVP national councillor on Wednesday, a session termination Initiative – will be held as scheduled in August.

This tactic is clever: The APK to reclaim the Lead. And it sends a Signal to Brussels, where now each spring weight in the weighing pan.