The irony of the popular münster-based “crime scene” is that of the lovable Commissioner Thiel (Alex Prahl) and the brilliant medical examiner Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) go out in real life, actually, of the roles reversed: Every reason to boast of his brilliance, would have, well, Prahl: He has studied the acting course of study in mathematics, Liefers “only” the art of acting.

In the past, it is also in this episode, and although investigated, “licorice”, which is why Boerne to the brilliant bastard that we all love and hate. A murder at münster’s weekly market-master suggests a liquorice operator stand.

Immersion in the past – and in the licorice boilers

In the course of this research, Boerne delves deep into his Childhood, and in liquid licorice mass: Boernes big, unrequited childhood love, the daughter of a münster-based sweets-tradition business. He should give your math tutoring, she hangs out with a motorcycle bad boy and get drunk. To your mother on the beams in the attic hangs and the Bad Boy pushes Boernes head in the liquorice mass, because he insists that there is no suicide, but a murder done had to be.

Flashbacks to a youth trauma, as well as its workup and Overcome cause of the awesome-exhausting coroner solves two murder cases. And that is life, in all of the reverse of the Real roles of the two main characters, really well and accurately played by the young actor, Vincent cocks, the verschupften, chubby, young people of Boerne.

rating: 4 out of 5