Please, “the scene of the crime”-Casting agents, stop now with this Katharina Marie Schubert. Already in the last what feels like ten episodes, she was seen as a slightly eccentric perpetrator-woman, and now she shows up in the mandrel/Lessing-“the scene” again. This Time in a supporting role, but still, it’s annoying slow – also because the actors of peculiarities of the lady now really enough seen.

Lessing and the mandrel, the slapstick-commissioners-married couple to divorce at the ghosts, entangled again in an unlikely Plot: Lessing murder – and, of all things, an old colleague, who has a bone to pick with him a chicken, is to internally identify. Thus, the faithful wife, it is to ascertain Lessing’s innocence. One word: outrageous. Two: to turn it Off.

entertainment, which was of course forgiven. You can’t always look to high culture, or socially relevant, such as climate change documentaries, the Burning of the Amazon or the reports on the rise of the AfD, without falling into week-long depressions. Nothing against mindless entertainment.

you want to be. And this is on a different channel tonight, far better: Pro 7 about Kingsman 2 runs “”. In the beautifully-made Bond-development agent “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) is a knock a secret better spells than Bond and better than the lame witzelnde Lessing/mandrel Combination anyway.