sensitive people: You don’t see suffering like that, probably for fear it might be contagious. Therefore, one way goes quickly, after pressing a homeless reluctant to a two-Frankish in the Hand. Commissioner Faber (Jörg Hartmann) is a similar case. The man looks, because his wife and daughter have died already since 2012, when depressed and therefore, pardon me, also when really a jerk. I, at least, to see him.

the current Dortmund’s episode is focused on Faber and his Suffering. It begins with hallucinations of his dead family, and ends with self-destructive actions, which involve an unrealistic, played, wrong, doctor. Now you might think that such a psycho-grams would be more exciting, or you felt, at least, taken or would be in sorrow to the Commissioner.

but Faber: Nothing against Jörg Hartmann, the actor, as a Person, but the role! The Abgekämpftheit of the character Faber, the greasy Beard, the ever-oily skin that is always completely finished-looking rings around the eyes, the always greasy hair, and the sleep-knittrigen dresses – Faber looks like he would smell. Also self-tormentor skills martyrdom as well, increasing the disgust factor for me, almost Overwhelming. In short: I don’t want to see. And so, the last sentence of the following, namely: “He it’s about life”, almost as a disappointment, as terrible as that sounds. Someone revenues Faber – and us – finally out of his misery.