It is insanely postmodern and is praised by critics and even expected, that authors, because it should have given all the ideas already, fresh and happy from the pop-cultural history, and from such set pieces, then something New together. What Insiders can give yourself a Pat on the shoulder, and as an intellectual seven sick feeling, because you have understood movie quote X and novel quote Z. In the ideal case, can it work Yes beautifully, and deeper levels of meaning open up and jiggidy-jig.

Without a Smartphone – as a police officer right unsmart

The present “crime scene”-the case is, unfortunately, no such ideal case. Murot (Ulrich Tukur) to visit an old friend who works in a police Museum. On the old guard-8 school will be able to experience children, how cumbersome the police had to earlier work. That’s why no one there has a cell phone – what is in times, in which each dabeihat his smart phone in the handbag or in the pocket, but pretty unlikely.

But did not work can call the police with cell phones to help, would have the Whole – the beautiful movie quote, as these old guard is suddenly attacked by heavily armed bad guys, their Motivation is never quite clear. The Motivation of the plot pen is all the more clear: they wanted to put the 1976 classic “Assault on Precinct 13” by John Carpenter is a tribute, also “Night of the Living Dead” and many other flashes. Only modern is also, unfortunately, in the post still: Without your own idea of the best quote’s not good for much – even if, despite the annoying plot holes, however, some moments of Tension.

rating: 3 out of 5 stars