I could now write about the “Polizeiruf” (20.15 clock, The First). I like this brash Commissioner Olga, Lensky, and I also like the landscape in the East, and the Polish that occurs again and again. The only issue is – poor old German nobles were of the evil conquerors to the 2. World war, expropriated far and want to finally get their goods for us Swiss in the arg, even if the result is well worth seeing.

but the Swiss feature film “Akte Grüninger”, turning also to the world war theme, but from a Swiss perspective, and based on a true story: The St. Gallen police captain Paul Grüninger, several Hundred Jewish and other refugees rescued in the years 1938 and 1939, prior to the murder by the Nazis – he dated your entry papers incorrectly, and the stay in Switzerland allowed. After two years, he flew, lost his position and his Pension, and lived henceforth to the end of his life in abject poverty. Nevertheless, he said time life, he would have re-acted like that.

it is actually compulsory for every Swiss. Especially in times in which it is again socially acceptable to say publicly, you could let people in the Mediterranean confidently miserably drown, and the people who tried to save them, punished belonged, is a healthy Dose of green Inger needed. The white also his family: By means of the Grüninger Foundation, which gives you regular prices for humanity. The last to a sea rescue ship in the Mediterranean sea.

: Four out of five.