this is a love story that does not begin with this column – it begins 50 years ago, Especially in the first years of the show has focused the reporting of the Sunday look heavily on real criminal cases in Switzerland. And because today, for once, neither a new “crime scene” a “Polizeiruf” runs, here are great, a couple of observations about it, which is why both of these work together so well. Because, actually, it is a little to Ashamed to admit that it whistles like on the cosy Sofa of murder and manslaughter pure and nice and warm and snug on the misfortune of other delights.

has not the brain research an answer and an excuse, which is why it is only the desire for sensation, the thrillers and Horror movies – so fascinating. Rather, it is to be paid at the sight of murder and mayhem in a small amount of adrenaline. And simply put mammals from time to time, a bit of adrenaline, otherwise – this has been shown by scientific studies with animal try – you will be depressed. You can live out of fear, one of the primary and vital emotions, in a safe and secure environment, helps us – we, too, are “mammals” – so in the long term to mental Fitness.

not on his Ration of murder, manslaughter and voltage want to be without: In the Swiss television of the Bond film “Casino Royale runs” with Daniel Craig. On that we – and you – for decades to come stay mentally healthy!

stars: Four out of five.