you Know, the Netflix series “The fall”? In her Gillian Anderson (51, the beautifully chilled FBI investigator, from “the X-files”) and Jamie Dornan (37, beautifully under-cooled billionaire-Sadist from “50 Shades of Grey”) over three seasons is a stunningly exciting game of cat-and-mouse game to deliver. Dornan as a respectable family man Paul Spector, the blood freeze when he goes after completely without remorse, his desire to torment women sadistic and kill finally. And Anderson, the steel is tough police Detective Stella Gibson, who is always close on the heels of.

A cut off similar Plot follows a result, the current “Polizeiruf” -. You can see this is quite. Only you have to know that Charly Hübner (46) as a Commissioner, Bukow and Anneke Kim Sarnau (47) as a Commissioner for the king to get never of the Charisma of Anderson’s.

And so it goes with the villain, which is here embodied by Samuel Black (48). Because Dornan in “The fall”, and that’s what makes the series so uncomfortable and well, even in the most abominable scenes still attractive to the viewers so in quite an unpleasant manner, his own value system, which is based in only too many cases of pure Exteriority.

Of such brilliant Casting and such intensity is a result of the “Polizeiruf”-if also quite okay, unfortunately, far away. The only Good thing in a direct comparison: After one and a half hours of the “Polizeiruf” through, and you can go to sleep. You decide, however, that “The case” to start, Wake up, you are guaranteed a few nights.

rating: Three out of five stars