Hutchins had been instructing Baldwin on how to point her gun at the camera, when it fired. She

One crew member described the moment Halyna HUTCHINS was struck with a live round by a gun actor Alec Baldwin during a new interview.

Thomas Gandy, special effects coordinator, was approximately four to five feet away from Baldwin or Hutchins when the gun went off on ” Rust” Oct. 21.

“Halyna was saying to Alec that she wanted to see him thumb the hammer back to make the shot,” Gandy said during ABC’s ABC 20/20 episode “The Deadly Take.”

According to Gandy, Hutchins was 18 inches (or two feet) away from the gun’s muzzle when it fired.

After the gun went off, Serge Svetnoy, Gaffer Serge Svetnoy, held Hutchins. After the gun went off, he recalled Hutchins stating that something had happened to her stomach and that her legs were not feeling normal.

Svetnoy stated, “Her skin was so pale.”

Crew members claimed that nobody knew what happened during the shoot and most refused to admit the worst.

Gandy said, “I’m telling You Right Now That Was a Bullet,”

“We kept hearing that she was stable, she is stable,” Terese Davis, costume designer, said.

Gandy stated four days later that there were “a lot of roses” where Halyna had been shot.

He said it was a “spiritual type of moment”

Crew members appeared to disagree with each other about the unsafe working conditions.

Lane Luper, a crew member, resigned on the morning Hutchins died. Luper claimed that his resignation was due in part to unsafe and inadequate conditions on set. Luper stated that gun scenes were “fast and loose” according to the interview.

But, crew members refuted his claims.

“I drove 75 miles each day to get to the set, every day. It was 75 miles per day.” “It was never a problem,” Gandy stated during the interview.

He said, “There was nothing about this schedule that was grueling.”

ABC News was informed by producers that Luper’s claims were patently false.

Gandy and Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s father, Thell Reed (veteran armorer), spoke out about the safety of the armorer during the segment.

Thell spoke of his daughter who was believed to have been employed for two roles on set.

When asked if he trusted Hannah with any set, Thell replied “Absolutely.”

Gandy stated, “She seemed very secure, I had no reason not to doubt her.”

Authorities claim Baldwin was informed the gun was safe to use, but they continue to investigate how a live bullet ended up in the weapon. Investigators described “some complacency in the way weapons were handled on “Rust” sets. They claim it is too early to know if charges will be brought against the Rust set, but there are independent civil lawsuits regarding liability for the fatal shooting.