embezzlement, fraud, abuse of office, money laundering: a number of financial scandals are shaking the Vatican. New revelations from the Italian press show that Credit Suisse is in the middle. The Swiss Bank funds in the amount of at least half a billion euros are to be invested. The funds which were actually meant for the needy.

The Italian weekly magazine “L’espresso” made the Details public. Accordingly, the state Secretariat of the Vatican led a black cash in the amount of 650 million euros. The Bulk of it comes from the Peter’s pence (“Obolo di San Pietro”). The donations of Catholics who should go to the poor.

“Conspicuous irregularities,”

The money flowed not to the needy. Instead, so that speculative transactions were financed. Credit Suisse is said to have played an important role in the process. About you about three-quarters of the sum were revealed.

The Italian magazine reported of the “eye-catching irregularities” in transactions. Among other things, the contributions will be used to buy a 17’000 square metre office building in London. The price: more than 250 million euros.

financial Supervisory shaken

The magazine is based in his speech, confidential documents from the Vatican’s Anti-corruption authority. These acts on behalf of Pope Francis (82), the works for the past six years to a reorganization of the financial system in the Catholic heart. At the beginning of October there were, in this context, raids in the offices of the Vatican Secretariat of state and the financial Supervisory authority.

The financial supervision of the Vatican, is under the presidency of the Swiss René Brülhart (46). You “overlooked” apparently, the anomalies, the magazine writes. The Director of financial supervision has been suspended. Against Brülhart, no charge will be levied.

The Credit Suisse notes on the request that is the subject of the Vatican’s investigation. “We conduct our banking business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations,” says a spokeswoman.