it was Like the end of 2018, to be known, wants to replace the pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group, their settlement in the Zurich brunau Park by a large development. Four of the five buildings to be demolished. It is concerned with 239 apartments, around 400 tenants. Most have received, according to a report in the “Tages-Anzeiger” at the end of March, the notice of termination.

Until the mid-2020, you must pack the suitcase. At the same time, the pension Fund of Credit Suisse as an owner of a higher level of profitability: For a 3.5-room apartment the rent should be between 2250 and 2600 francs. Currently, the rent is only 1500 francs.

The Credit Suisse planned to Neuüberbauung since 2015, the demolition of most buildings last year was already a done deal. However, the tenant should not have been informed, according to the report.

Then the notice in the letter box

flapping complain about Some of the tenants that they had been led by their management company Wincasa intentionally misleading. With a Letter, which is the “Tages-Anzeiger”, tried the Wincasa to calm down, apparently, the tenants – “so that no wrong ideas and rumors”.

It would be considered different options for a redesign. “Even the only the Renovation of the retail space is to imagine.” It’s all for a good solution to be done – also in the interests of the tenants. “As soon as enough facts are available to make a decision, we will notify the tenants in a timely manner and in detail about it”, – quotes the “Tages-Anzeiger” of the paper.

The next Letter received by the tenant, the notice of termination!

small business fears for existence

The architecture competition by 2017, the thrust of the planning is final: All four candidates offices saw a complete redesign of the brunau Park. This also applies to the industry. For the large branch of Migros will be created during the renovation period, a temporary.

the small-scale industry fears for its existence: termination at the end of June 2020, with no offer of a provisional restoration during the construction phase.

Now, resistance from the entire district grows. At the beginning of March, the community of interest brunau Park was formed, according to the report. In a Petition of the CS, among other things, affordable housing, and withdrawal of already issued notices of termination will be required. To the terminations, the big Bank wants to hold according to the report, but apparently. (zas)