In times of Coronavirus, it is worthwhile to have a credit card to purchase. Most of the cards offer contactless payment. This means that the payment at the checkout in supermarkets, such as Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Lidl, Edeka, Rewe and net in an amount of up to 25 Euro without the need for cash, PIN entry or signature possible. Also the payment when Shopping Online is a credit card easily and quickly.

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These conditions to work, you must for the Cashback-action

in order To comply with the Cashback from Visa to participate, you will need a Visa credit card. Is not relevant which Bank is the publisher of the credit card. In addition, customers must register via the Visa website at the time of action, and confirm that you want to attend.

Whether you are playing the credit card payments, contactless payments via a Smartphone or Smartwatch, in-store or online no matter.

Top Visa credit cards


  • no annual fee
  • free worldwide withdraw cash
  • free account

DetailsZum provider 1plus VISA-Card

  • no annual fee
  • free worldwide withdraw cash
  • additional discounts for fuel and travel

DetailsZum provider Barclaycard Visa

  • no annual fee
  • free worldwide withdraw cash
  • no Bank Account required

DetailsZum provider

Visa offers in the current campaign, two per cent Cashback on amounts up to a maximum of 25 euros. If the payment amount is higher, is not considered the purchase. In addition, the action has an upper limit: Visa-customers can be limited to a maximum of 50 Euro. In order to receive the possible 50 euros, so 100 purchases in the amount of 25 euros is required. Display you Find your perfect credit card for card scout!

Cashback with a Visa – how it works

  • In Cashback login action: in Order to benefit from the Cashback promotion, you must register on this website. Enter your name, your E-Mail address and your Visa card number.
  • With Visa credit card pay: you Pay with your Visa credit card. To 15.04.2020 payments of up to € 25 will be automatically taken into account. An invoice or receipt you need to submit.
  • money back: According to the Visa’s will be paid two percent of the payments within three weeks on the credit card linked account. In total, you can receive a maximum of 50 Euro Cashback.
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