on the next pop could bring the European professional football soon to the quake. Uefa and the club Association ECA is planning a big Revolution in terms of Champions League! The German magazine “sport Bild”.

Thus there is to know about three important Amendments to the king of class, like we are now and appreciate. VIEW informs you of the most important plans are:

games at the weekend

According to “sport Bild” to take place, the Champions League games as in the past, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but on weekends be moved. This has a simple reason: money. Uefa may ask for the TV rights in the world a lot more. Want to be called: The premiums for the clubs will be accordingly higher, and any Super-League-plans of the top clubs is controlled. A Central role, new markets, especially the Chinese. Currently it is in the middle Kingdom four o’clock in the morning, when the CL-games will be kicked off …

figure eight instead of four groups

Andrea Agnelli, Boss of the ECA and the President of Juventus Turin, proposes a new mode. Still 32 Teams will participate in the group stage, but not eight groups of four to form the preliminary round, but four groups of Eight. This has a simple reason: money. For Agnelli and Juve (and all other clubs), there’s more games. More coal from the audience-revenue and the Cup of Uefa. 14 instead of six for the preliminary round games were new.

reduction of the national leagues

Also ensure that the burden on the top clubs by the other Champions League games will not even higher, Agnelli a solution: “If you want to opt for more international football, that should of course go hand-in-hand with a reduction in the domestic leagues.” This has a simple reason: money. A game against eg. Barcelona or Bayern Munich generated more revenue than a League game against Empoli or Cagliari. National competitions have to often be during the week held and the available game dates for the series A, Bundesliga, and co. would be limited.

A way to reduce the size of the leagues for DFL Boss Christian Seifert not out of the question. He, also head of the World League forum, said the “sport Bild”: “The national competitions of our members are at the center of professional football. A focus of my work will be to secure the necessary space in the calendar, so our leagues and their clubs can develop their own national competitions.”

The Uefa itself has denied the Sport-Bild report and criticized the publication: “We would hope that some of the media would check the accuracy of your information before you publish such stories.”