The Moscow stock exchange almost on an hour has suspended trading in the stock market. Trading platform explained the failure occurrence of a software error in the server. The crash happened in not the most busy time. The last time trading was suspended due to a failure on 13 September 2019 on the derivatives market, the stock market in January 2017.Today, the Moscow exchange at 12:08 suspended trading in the stock market. “Reasons to be advised… We apologize for the inconvenience”,— stated in the message exchange. At 12:50 trading on the stock market has fully recovered. In the message exchange, it is noted that in accordance with the trading rules prior to their renewal participants are given 15 minutes for removal of previously placed orders.On the trading floor explained that in connection with the occurrence of a software error in the servers access the trading and clearing system of the stock market most of the participants have lost the ability to connect to trading. The result was decided on the suspension of trading in the stock market. The Central part of the trading system functioned normally. Trading on all other Moscow exchange’s markets — urgent, monetary, currency, precious metals took place as usual.”It’s a quiet trading day, abnormal customer activity was not because of the news events going on,” he says.The last time failure on the Moscow stock exchange was September 13, 2019 on the futures market. Then, the exchange has suspended trading shortly before the end of the main session in connection with the inability to connect members. In the stock market last suspension of trading was January 16, 2017.Polina Smorodskaya-Petersburg stock exchange where traded shares of foreign, primarily American, companies, increased trading volume in April in half. At the same time on the Moscow exchange, the trading volume primarily in Russian stocks in April fell by a third. Brokers say that Russian investors were interested in not only the growth of overseas indices last month, but a larger number of issuers, respectively, and investment ideas.Read more