Although in crash tests, accidents “will only be” simulated, they are extremely practical and essential for the safety of the vehicle’s development. Almost 30 years ago, the German specialist magazine “Auto, Motor und Sport carried out” not the first, but an enormous, headline-grabbing crash, compared with eight top-class cars. The shocking result: Would have been real occupants in the Mercedes, all intact, would have survived in the Fiat none. The beat waves and forced many brands to Improve.

Significantly improved security

With success. Today, the level of security is worlds better than even a few decades ago. A Test of the Swiss Dynamic Test center (DTC) in Vauffelin, BE found that the driver would have been injured after a Crash in a 1994 Renault Twingo, probably hard to dead, but when the same test of the accident, the 2014 Twingo independently would be dropped out.

There is no crash test failure? But! The Chinese manufacturer JMC Jiangling tried around with his Land Rover to take a copy of wind in the year 2005 on the European market, but fell in the ADAC crash test with devastating results so it is upright, and pulled back after that, completely from Europe. And also the Fiat Panda is now much safer than they used to, in last year’s Euro NCAP crash test, however, he was the only car that did not reach time of five safety stars.

safety index of Euro NCAP

Before a car purchase a look at is so worth it. Since 1997, examines and reviews this vendor-independent organization (see Box) cars in a crash test and a rating of the safety of the vehicles after that with stars (top grade 5). However, the NCAP includes a total result, since 2009, the assistance systems. Who is so careful attention to the suitability of such support but rather to the pure accident of safety, should, in his analysis, therefore, the various sub-categories into consideration. Just one example: Under the Euro NCAP 2018 tested SUVs such as the Hyundai Santa Fe at the children made protection good 88, the Jeep Wrangler, however, only 69 rating percent – for parents probably the decisive differences.

crash criteria be adapted to

also: In Europe, different crash standards than, for example, in America or in the far East. And over the years, the European crash have changed the criteria several times and tightened. Therefore, a 2005 crash test can’t be done with a from the years 2015 to compare. And Euro NCAP studied according to classes of vehicles: A small car with five-star is safer than one with four stars, but not necessarily more secure than a Four-star SUV. This makes sense, because the physics can not outwit. On the road tend to apply in the case of an accident with another car: the heavier, the safer.

The most famous in Europe and the most prestigious of manufacturers also independent crash-test program is that of the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program). By the end of 2008 it consisted of the categories of adult occupant protection, child safety and pedestrian protection. The test requirements for the highest grade (5 star) have been adapted in the last few years. So the area of driving assistance systems came from 2009. Since 2014, the categories were weighted also. The adult occupants were, so far, with 50 per cent, child safety and pedestrian protection, each with 20 per cent and driving assistance with a 10 percent rating, the latter for five years, with 20 per cent of the overall result. So it is checked:

adult occupant protection

The vehicle is accelerated for a frontal crash up to 64 km/h and then rebounds laterally offset frontal against a deformable barrier. In a side crash on a sled-mounted beams with a 50 km/h pushes laterally against the vehicle. During a pole crash, the vehicle collides with 32 km/h at an impact angle of 75 degrees to the driver’s height against a steel pillar. And with a rear-end crash, the safety of the head restraints-belts, the safety and the Airbags on all the Seats tested.

children’s safety

It has to be Frontal and side crash with different sized child Dummies (for Six – and ten-year-old). The security of the straps and by Isofix secure children will be tested in seats, but also how simply (and correctly) of the child seats in the vehicle to install.

pedestrian protection

there are several single collisions with a pedestrian Dummy and a vehicle speed of 40.

driver assistance systems

At this point, is firstly the existence and secondly, the effectiveness of the safety systems such as seat belt reminders, ESP systems or a distance of Warner and pace examined limiter.