a young arm crashed an expensive sports car! This Time on the A1 at Lenzburg AG.

A Serb (19) from the Canton of Solothurn was on Friday, against 23.50, with a Audi R8 on the road. Original price from 180’000 francs, a minimum of 400 HP. During the trip, the 19 lost-Year-old the control of the PS-Monster. The Audi R8 crashing into a guard rail, turning several times. The Serb remains, at the time of the accident unharmed, as the Canton police writes of Aargau in a message.

driver’s license only in the past few months,

The property damage amounts, according to first estimates about 80’000 Swiss francs. The Audi R8 has been ensured. The 19-Year-old was taken into custody. His driver’s license, he had to give up, however. Unbelievable: He had to get him only a few months ago.

The Canton police has initiated the investigation to clarify the circumstances of the Accident. Persons the details of the accident sequence, as well as to prior driving behavior on
the bünz valley road between Wohlen and the motorway connection A1/Lenzburg can make, be asked home, the Mobile police in Shafi (Tel. To report 062 886 88 88). (jmh)