preferably, you would talk in Crans-Montana, VS just about what happened. Come to that, the Czech billionaire Radovan Vitek (48) did them a year ago, the ski lifts, in order to be money. He called for five million francs to renovate his Park house. That the municipality does not trust him, as he might otherwise lose the desire to further investment.

“For us, to the municipality this is not anything new. We would now like to look forward,” said parish President Nicolas Féraud (48) on the phone to VIEW. “I understand, however, that the Public is outraged – now that you know everything.”

The Locals are going to discuss on the streets, in the cafes and in pubs and restaurants of Crans-Montana. Because of the bully-billionaire and his mountain railway-operator company CMA have offered more: Vitek has his aide-de-camp, Philippe Magistretti (63) last fall, an E-Mail letter in which he threatened the Ski world Cup race of the women, cancel.

This took place at the end of February 2019, and not all of the headlines, because the measurement of time worked is correct.

“Hidden threat”

How to Viteks threat looked like, from the display of Kingstown Capital Management, a US investment company, the Vitek alleged billion fraud in Luxembourg before the court.

“Either the CMA organized the implementation and the hosting, or the ski area is during the data of the world Cup ski races closed”, in the E-Mail. For the U.S. lawyers, of Kingstown, this is a “hidden threat”, in order to secure the lucrative Catering business.

“you think we are idiots?”

Magistretti defended itself against VIEWS that it was for the safety of all Involved responsible. To guarantee “to you, we need to control every price of all the activities.” He had sent an ordinary business E-Mail. “The thing friendship ended.”

Not quite: The thing ended, that the race organisers caved in and CMA hosting, as a lie. The former Caterer, is a long-established local gastro operation, lost his job. The owner wants to take in the VIEWS no comments. The international ski Federation FIS, under whose roof the race took place, did not respond to a request.

Magistretti comes. As the VIEW persists again, he writes in an E-Mail: “We have the day of the race 10’000 skiers on the slopes that bring us to 300’000 Swiss francs in sales. Do you actually mean that we are idiots?” You would shoot yourself in the knee, if you would turn off the lifts.

That’s right. But that Vitek is not afraid, knows the Public since last year, as in the best weather, the ski lifts for two days, stopped.

The economic dominance of the Czech Immobilienmoguls Radovan Vitek (48) in Crans-Montana, VS is the village of a curse and a blessing at the same time. On the one hand, Vitek as the majority shareholder, the mountain railway company, CMA and its sister company CMA Immobilier has invested in the last years about 100 million Swiss francs. He employs in his Restaurants, Hotels or administrative Buildings hundreds of employees.

on the Other hand, he resorts to questionable methods in order to get the maximum money back in (EYES reported). So he introduced last year to Easter the ski lifts for two days, to urge the municipalities to pay him the promised money finally. In January, he fired the entire service team of the piste restaurants, because they had bad worked. And in April, he called for five million francs from the municipality to renovate a car Park. Otherwise, he would have to close it.